leture exam 1

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  1. endo-
    meaning: innermost; within

    • exp: endotracheal
    • (trache/o- means trachea)

    pertaning to within the trachea
  2. epi-
    meaning: upon; above

    • exp: epidermal
    • (derm/o- means skin)

    pertaning to upon the skin
  3. inter-

    meaning: between

    • exp: intercostal
    • (cost/o- means rib)

    pertaning to within the ribs
  4. peri-

    meaning: around

    • exp: pericardial
    • (cardi/o- means heart)

    • pertaning to around the heart
  5. intra-

    meaning: within

    • exp: intravenous
    • (ven/o- means vein)

    • pertaning to within a vein
  6. post-

    meaning: after; behind

    • exp: postnasal
    • (nas/o- means nose)

    • pertaning to behind the nose
  7. pre-

    meaning: before; infront of

    • exp: premenstrual
    • (menstru/o- means monthly discharge of blood)

    • pertaning to before menstruation
  8. sub-

    meaning: below; underneath; less than

    • exp: subcutaneous
    • (cutane/o- means skin)

    • pertaning to underneath the skin
  9. trans-

    meaning: across; through

    • exp: transvaginal
    • (vagin/o- means vagina)

    • pertaning to through the vagina
  10. bi-

    meaning: two

    • exp: bilateral
    • (later/o- means side)

    • pertaning to two sides
  11. brady-

    meaning: slow

    • exp: bradycardia
    • (card/i- means heart)

    • condtition of a slow part
  12. hemi-

    meaning: one half

    • exp: hemiplegia
    • (pleg/o- means paralysis)

    • condition of one half (of the body) with paralysis
  13. hyper-

    meaning: above; more than normal

    • exp: hypertension
    • (tens/o- means pressure)

    • condition of more than normal pressure
  14. hypo-

    meaning: below; deficient

    • exp: hypothyroidism
    • (thyroid/o- means thyroid gland)

    • disease from a specific cause of deficient thyroid gland (hormone)
  15. mono-

    meaning: one; single

    • exp: mononucleosis
    • (nucle/o- nucleus)

    • abnormal condition of (white blood cells that each have) one (large) nucleus
  16. poly-

    meaning: many; much

    • exp: polyneuritis
    • (neur/o- nerve)

    • inflammation of many nerves
  17. quadri-

    meaning: four

    • exp: quadriplegia
    • (pleg/o- means paralysis)

    • condition of four (limbs) with paralysis
  18. tachy-

    meaning: fast

    • exp: tachycardia
    • (card/i- means heart)

    • condition of a fast heart
  19. tri-

    meaning: three

    • exp: trigeminal
    • (gemin/o- means set or group)

    • pertaining to three (nerve branches in a ) group
  20. a-

    meaning: away from; without

    • exp: aspermia
    • (sperm/o- means sperm)

    • condtition (of being) without sperm
  21. an-

    meaning: without; not

    • exp: anesthesia
    • (esthes/o- means sensation; feeling)

    • condtition (of being) with out sensation
  22. anti-

    meaning: against

    • exp: antibiotic
    • (bi/o- means living organisms)

    • pertaining to against living orgamisms (such as bacteria)
  23. de-

    meaning: reversal of; without

    • exp: dementia
    • (ment/o- means mind)

    • condition of being with out mind
  24. dys-

    meaning: painful; difficult; abnormal

    • exp: dysphagia
    • (phag/o- means eating or swallowing)

    • condtition of painful or difficult eating and swallowing
  25. eu-

    meaning: normal; good

    • exp: euthyroidism
    • (thyroid/o- means thyroid gland)

    • process of normal thyroid gland (function)
  26. mal-

    meaning: bad; inadequate

    • exp: malnutrition
    • (nutri/o- means nourishment)

    • being or having inadequate nourishment
  27. re-

    meaning: again and again

    • exp: respiration
    • (spir/o- means breathe)

    • a process of again and again breathing
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