Body Pos./Joint Move.

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  1. Front Plane
    Vertical. Anterior and Posture portions.
  2. Sagittal Plane
    Vertical. Left and Right portions
  3. Transverse Plane
    Horizontal.  Superior and Inferior Portions
  4. Axis
    Sagittal Plane
    Frontal Plane
    Transverse Plan
    • Frontal Axis
    • Sagital Axis
    • Vertical Axis
  5. Anterior
    Front; ventral
  6. Posterior
    Back; dorsal
  7. Superficial
    Close to or on the body
  8. Proximal
    Closer to any reference point
  9. Distal
    Farther from any reference point
  10. Superior
    Towards the head; higher(cephalic)
  11. Inferior
    Away from the head; lower (caudal)
  12. Medial
    Toward the midline of the body
  13. Lateral
    Away from the midline of the body; to the side
  14. Ipsilateral
    On the same side
  15. Contralateral
    On the opposite side
  16. Unilateral
    One side
  17. Bilateral
    Both Sides
  18. Prone
    Lying face down
  19. Supine
    Lying face up
  20. Valgus
    Distal segment of a joint deviates laterally
  21. Varus
    Distal segment of a joint deviates medially
  22. Arm
    Region  from shoulder to elbow
  23. Forearm
    Region from elbow to wrist
  24. Thigh
    Region from hip to knee
  25. Leg
    Region from the knee to the ankle
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