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  1. what are chemical reactions in the cells controlled by?
  2. y
  3. what can be speeded up by enzymes?
    • photosynthesis
    • respiration
    • decomposition
  4. what gas is produced in aerobic rep?
    carbon dioxide
  5. what gas is used in aerobic resp?
  6. what are enzymes made from?
    • protein molecules
    • they are made up of long chains of amino acids
  7. what do enzymes do at high temps?
  8. what is an enzyme?
    a biological catalyst that speeds up the rate of biological reactions in an organism without being used up.
  9. Image Upload
    • stage 1: photosynthesis
    • stage 2: carbon is converted into carbs, fats & proteins for the animal
    • stage 3: respiration
    • stage 4: decomposition
  10. factors that increase the rate of which microorganisms can digest materials
    • moisture
    • warmth
    • oxygen
  11. recycling the materials of life:
    organisms remove material from the environment for growth and other purposes. These materials are returned to the environment when the organisms die.
  12. 3 ways the efficiency of a food chain can be improved
    • less animals
    • limit the movement
    • control the conditions in which the animals live in
  13. what is energy used for
    • keeping warm
    • movement
    • growth
  14. how can we control the rate of photosynthesis?
    greenhouses can be used to make plants grow more quickly and become bigger and stronger.
  15. why is too little light bad for a plant?
    less light decreases the rate of which photosynthesis can happen
  16. limiting factors for photosynthesis
    • light
    • temp
    • co2 conc
  17. word equation for photosynthesis
    carbon dioxide + water --> glucose + oxygen
  18. why do plants need Mg?
    to make chlorophyll which gives the plant its green colour
  19. why do plants need nitrates?
    to form proteins once added with amino acids
  20. what do plants need?
    • mineral ions,
    • sunlight,
    • warmth,
    • carbon dioxide
  21. what is a partially permeable membrane?
    a membrane that only allows certain substances to pass through
  22. when does diffusion take place?
    when there is a net movement in particles
  23. where does diffusion take place?
    in gases and solutions
  24. one waste product that will diffuse out of a cell is ?
    carbon dioxide
  25. are living things made out of cells?
  26. what are the building blocks of life
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