Science april 15

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  1. What do red blood cells carry to the cells?
    oxygen and nutrients
  2. What do white blood cells do?
    work to fight germs that enter the body
  3. What are the upper chambers of the heart called?
    right and left atrium
  4. Your heart is about the size of what?
    your fist
  5. How does air travel to the lungs?
    from the nose or mouth, through the trachea, into the bronchial tubes   then to the lungs
  6. How much does each lung weigh?
    about 1 pound
  7. What system are the sweat glands part of?
    the excretory
  8. What are the tiny fingerlike projections that absorb digested food in the small intestines
  9. What do the kidneys and the liver work to remove from your body?
    waste called urea
  10. What are two kinds of carbohydrates?
    starch and sugar
  11. the two vitamins and minerals the bones need to stay strong
    calcium and phosphorus
  12. What are the two parts of the nervous system called
    Central nervous system (brains and the spinal cord) and the outer nervous system (the nerves)
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