PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Ointments 1

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  1. What are ointments?
    soft, semisolid preparations intended for external application
  2. What is a soft semi-solid preparation intended for external application?
  3. What were the two examples in class of medicated ointments?
    • Sulfur ointment
    • Zinc oxide ointment
  4. What was the example given in class for a non-medicated ointment?
    White ointment
  5. What is another term for non-medicated ointment?
    Ointment base
  6. What are ointment bases used for?
    • Emollient or lubricating agent
    • Protective barriers
    • Vehicles
  7. What are the four classifications of ointment bases?
    • Hydrocarbon
    • Absorption
    • Water-removable
    • Water-Soluble
  8. What is another term for a hydrocarbon base?
  9. What are the six characteristics of hydrocarbon bases (from class)?
    • Have an emollient effect
    • Used for occlusive dressings
    • Difficult to wash off
    • Stains clothing
    • Can be protective with water labile drugs
    • Water is not easily incorporated
  10. What is an occlusive dressing?
    One that traps water in the skin
  11. What is a non-occlusive dressing?
    One that allows water to escape the skin
  12. What were the five examples of Hydrocarbon bases described in class?
    • Petrolatum USP
    • Yellow ointment
    • White ointment
    • Paraffin NF
    • Mineral oil USP
  13. Mineral oil USP, Paraffin NF, White ointment, Yellow ointment, Petrolatum USP are all what type of ointment base?
    Hydrocarbon/Oleaginous bases
  14. What is the melting point of Petrolatum USP?
    38-60 degrees C
  15. What oleaginous base melts at 38-60 degrees C?
    Petrolatum USP
  16. What is the commercial name for Petrolatum USP?
  17. What is petroleum USP made of?
    semisolid hydrocarbons
  18. What is Yellow ointment made of?
    • 95% (w/w) petrolatum
    • 5% (w/w) Yellow wax
  19. What is White ointment made of?
    • 95% (w/w) petrolatum
    • 5% (w/w) White wax
  20. What is paraffin made of?
    Purified sold hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum
  21. What is paraffin used for?
    stiffen oleaginous semisold ointment bases
  22. What oleaginous base is used to stiffen semisolid oleaginous bases?
  23. Mineral oil is composed of what?
    Liquid hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum
  24. What is Mineral oil USP used for?
    Levigating agent
  25. What is also known as liquid petroleum?
    Mineral oil USP
  26. What is Levigating?
    Reduce to a fine powder or smooth paste
  27. What is the term for the process of reducing to a fine powder or smooth paste?
  28. What oleaginous base is used as a levigating agent?
    mineral oil USP
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