PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Ointments 4

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  1. What are the four areas for testing requirements of ointments?
    • Microbial content
    • Minimum Fill test
    • Packaging storage and labeling
    • Drug release
  2. What are the Microbial content requirements for ointments?
    • Meet acceptable microbial standards
    • MUST contain antimicrobial preservatives
  3. What does the Minimum fill test evaluate?
    Net weight and Volume
  4. What requirements are there for packaging/storage and labeling of ointments?
    • Well closed containers
    • Light needs
    • Labeling of base used
  5. What is the purpose of in Vitro drug release testing?
    To ensure lot to lot uniformity
  6. What testing is used to ensure lot to lot uniformity?
    In Vitro release testing
  7. What are the two most common containers fro ointments?
    • ointment jars
    • Tubes
  8. What is a semisolid emulsion system with a creamy appearance?
  9. What are creams?
    • Semisolid emulsion systems with a creamy appearance
  10. What is the purpose of a Cream?
    For application to the skin or mucous membranes for protection, therapy and prophylactic purposes
  11. What are the general classifications of Creams?
    • Oil-in water creams
    • Water in oil creams
  12. What are oil in water creams used for?
    • Foundation creams
    • Hand creams
    • shaving creams
  13. What are water in oil creams used for
    • cold creams
    • emollient creams
  14. What type of cream are foundation creams, hand creams and shaving creams?
    oil in water creams
  15. What type of cream is used to make cold creams and emollient creams?
    Water in oil creams
  16. What are the advantages of using O/W creams for drug delivery?
    • Pleasing appearance
    • good feeling
    • non-greasy
    • suitable for oozing wounds
  17. What type of cream is good for drug delivery?
    Oil in water
  18. What type of cream is suitable for oozing wounds?
    Oil in water
  19. What is the composition of a normal ointment?
    80% oil 20% water
  20. What is the percentage ratio of a cream?
    50% oil and 50% water
  21. Are ointments or creams lighter in consistency?
  22. Which is easier to spread over large areas of skin ointments or creams?
  23. Which stays longer on the surface of the skin, ointments or creams?
  24. Which is absorbed into the skin more readily, ointments or creams?
  25. Which is prescribed more for dry skin, ointments or creams?
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