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  1. Are ointments or creams better for oily/greasy skin?
  2. What are pastes?
    They are ointment like preparations with a high % of solids (up to 50% w/w)
  3. What is an ointment like preparation that has a high % of solids?
  4. How do pastes compare to ointments?
    • They are stiffer
    • Less greasy
    • More absorptive
  5. What are the four common solids added to ointments to create pastes?
    • Starch
    • Zinc oxide
    • Calcium Carbonate
    • Talc
  6. Starch, Talc, Zinc oxide and Calcium carbonate are all used for what?
    As solid additives to ointments to create pastes
  7. What are the uses for pastes?
    • make good protective barriers on the skin
    • Surface coverage gives good protection against toxins
  8. Why are pastes used diaper rashes?
    They absorb the irritants in the diaper before they reach the skin, protecting from toxins
  9. What is a gel?
    A semi-solid, jelly-like material that can range from soft/weak to hard/tough
  10. What is a semi-solid, jelly like material that can range from soft/weak to hard/rough?
    A gel
  11. What are the characteristics of gels?
    • They are cross linked
    • May exhibit no flow at rest
    • mostly liquid
    • Behave like solids
  12. What gives Gels their characteristic structure?
    Cross links within the fluid
  13. What two types of gels are there?
    • Hydrogels
    • Organogels
  14. What is a Hydrogel?
    Network of hydrophilic polymer chains in a water dispersion medium
  15. What is an Organogel?
    liquid organic phase entrapped in a cross-linked network
  16. What is the term for hydrophilic polymer chains in a water dispersion medium?
  17. What is the term for a liquid organic phase trapped in a cross-linked network?

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PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Ointments 5
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PHA 327 Exam Ointments

PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Ointments 5
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