Gender and Social Change Part II

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  1. According to the table "Where Women Rule" (pp. 555-6), the nation with the highest percentage of women in its national legislature is

    Chapter 11
  2. What percentage of incarcerated women are mothers?

    Chapter 11
    Nearly two-thirds
  3. The United States was the first nation to ratify the Convention on the Elimination
    of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) because of our strong
    support of human rights everywhere.

    Chapter 11
  4. Sexualized violence and harassment of women have been recognized as a widespread problem within the US armed services

    Chapter 11
  5. Alimony is the payment that women have traditionally received as compensation for their
    unpaid roles as wives and mothers when a divorce is granted.

    Chapter 11
  6. The doctrine of ________________, which the United States adopted from British common law, declared that husband and wife were one person under law, and she was his sexual property.

    Chapter 11
    • femme couverte  
    • feme covert
  7. ____________ are public policies that reflect the ties political leaders have to the economic system and the ways the government subsidizes corporations and reduces taxes and other payments to the state for some corporations and businesses.

    (Note: There are three possible correct answers to this question. Give only one
    and do not put it in quotation marks.)

    Chapter 11
    • Wealthfare
    • Welfare for the rich
    • Aid to dependent corporations
  8. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) became part of the US Constitution on June 30, 1982 when Texas became the 38th state to ratify it.

    Chapter 11
  9. The _______ is an abstract concept that refers to all forms of social organization representing official power in society: the government, law, and social policy, the courts and the criminal justice system, the military, and the police

    Chapter 11
  10. What are the myths (false belief) concerning affirmative action?

    Chapter 11
    • 1. Affirmative action is a form of reverse discrimination
    • 2. Affirmative actions means establishing a "Quota" system for women and minorities
    • 3. Once you hire an affirmative action candidate, you can never fire him or her
    • 4.  To satisfy affirmative action responsibilities, all that needs to be done is to hire one or two women or minorities for dead-end jobs
    • 5. Affirmative action will result in lowering the standards and reputation of a department
    • 6. Affirmative action and equal employment opportunity are the same things
    • 7. Affirmative action means applying a double standard, one for white males and somewhat lower one for women and minorities. 
    • 8.  Unqualified individuals are being hired and promoted for the sake of diversity/affirmative action
  11. Segregation of men and women across different kinds of jobs is known as

    Chapter 8 
    horizontal segregation
  12. The term "blue collar"  implies

    Chapter 8
    Working class or involved with industrial, production, and factory work 

    Male segregated work blue collar as opposed to pink
  13. The _________________ is the process whereby women are encouraged into leadership in failing organizations and companies and are disproportionately set up to fail professionally.

    Chapter 8   
    glass precipice
  14. Gender segregation even within the same job type is termed

    Chapter 8
    vertical segregation
  15. In the form of sexual harassment known as a hostile work environment, it must be
    determined whether or not ____________, ______________, ______________

    Chapter 8
  16. True or False?

    Quid pro quo is the form of sexual harassment in which sexual favors are required for various conditions of employment.

    Chapter 8
  17. The gender wage gap 

    Chapter 8
     the difference between the amounts of money paid to women and men, often for doing the same work

    • Correct Answer:
    • D. All of the above.

  18. _______________________ can
    be defined as processes that integrate economies toward a global marketplace or
    a single world market as illustrated by the rapid growth of transnational
    corporations and complex networks of production and consumption. 

    Chapter 8
    economic globalization
  19. True or False

    White collar means office or professional work and usually refers to middle-class occupations.

    Chapter 8
  20. True or False?

    The glass escalator refers to the practices whereby men who go into traditionally
    female-dominated professions like teaching, nursing, and social work are disproportionately advanced into management and administrative positions where they receive more prestige, pay, and power than women.

    Chapter 8
  21. A specific form of acquaintance
    rape in which a husband or ex-husband sexually assaults his wife or ex-wife is
    called ______________.

    Chapter 10
    marital rape
  22. True or False?

    Altruistic sex and compliant sex are forms of consensual sex, because they both involve complete consent.
  23. Social myths (false beliefs) concerning rape include which of the following?

    Chapter 10
    • 1.  Rape happens less frequently in our society then women believe
    • 2. Women are at least partly responsible for their victimization in term of their appearance and behavior 
    • 3.  Men are not totally responsible for their actions.  If a woman comes on to a man sexually, it is impossible for him to stop
  24. _______________ can be defined as threatening behavior or unwanted advances directed at another using the Internet and other forms of online and computer communications.

    Chapter 10
  25. Men of color accused of  rape

    Chapter 10
    Are more likely to get media attention, are more likely to get convicted, and receive longer sentences.
  26. ___________________ implies that harm evolves from the imbalance in power between women and  men.

    Chapter 10
    Gendered violence
  27. True or False?

    Battering (domestic violence) is not a problem in the lesbian community, because there's never a power imbalance between two women.

    Chapter 10
  28. ________ is the sexual abuse of children by a family member or someone with a kinship role in a child's life.

    Chapter 10
  29. Women may stay in abusive relationships because:

    Chapter 10
    • 1.  Emotional abuse often involves feelings of shame, guilt, and low self-esteem. 
    • 2.  Some women who are repeatedly abused become desensitized to the violence; they may see it as a relatively normal aspect of gender relationships and therefore something to tolerate. 
    • 3.  Men who abuse women tend to physically isolate them from others
    • 4. They worry about what people will think and this worry keeps them in abusive situations as  consequence of the shame they feel.
    • 5.  Women stay because they cannot afford to leave. 
    • 6.  Some survivors believe that children need a father and even a bad father might be better than no father.  
    • 7.  There is often nowhere for them to go
    • 8.  Battered women may fear what might happen to their partners in the criminal justice system, especially if they are men of color.
    • 9.  They believe that their partner might kill them or hurt them  or hurt their children should they leave.
  30. True or False?

    The sexual abuse of children is often termed molestation.
  31. The ___________ model of marriage or domestic partnership reflects the traditional marriage contract.  the husband has responsibilities to provide a family wage and the wife takes primary responsibility for the home and the raising of children

    Chapter 7
  32. Kinship ties involve 

    Chapter 7
    rules about who has sexual access to whom, what labor should be done and by whom, and how power should be distributed
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