Other Types of Muscles

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  1. Vertebrate __ is found only in the __.
    Is __. 
    • cardiac muscle
    • heart
    • striated
  2. Describe cardiac muscle cells.
    branched, and the junction between cells contain intercalated discs that electrically couple all heart muscle cells, allowing coordinated action. 
  3. Cardiac muscle Cells can also generate their own __.
    __ due to __channels in the plasma membrane trigger __ which last up to 20 times longer than those for skeletal muscle and have long __. 
    • action potentials
    • Rhythmic depolarizations
    • pacemaker
    • action potentials
    • refractory periods
  4. Smooth muscles lack __and contain less __; the __is not associated with specific __strands.
    Generates less __but can contract over a greater range of lengths. 
    • striations
    • myosin
    • myosin
    • actin
    • tension
  5. Does not have a __system or a well developed __; __ions must enter the __through the plasma membrane during an __. 
    • transverse tubule
    • sarcoplasmic reticulum
    • calcium
    • cytoplasm
    • action potential
  6. Contractions are relatively __but there is greater range of control.
    Found mainly in the __ and __. 
    • slow
    • walls of blood vessels
    • digestive tract organs
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