Skeletal System

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  1. Skeletal system consists of....
    • Cartilage
    • Bone (osseous)
    • Periosteum
  2. Purpose of Skeletal System
    • Support and protection of soft tissue
    • Source of nutrients and blood constituents
    • Rigid levers for movement
  3. Axial Skeleton
    Skull, vertebra, rib cage
  4. Appendicular Skeleton
    Limbs and respective girdles
  5. Bone Structure
    • Diaphysis
    • Epiphyses,pl. Epiphises, s.
    • Articular Cartilage
    • Medullary/Marrow Cavity
  6. Type of Bone
    • Compact: Dense, supportive, outside of bone
    • Cancellous/Spongy: Less dense, strength against stresses
  7. Diaphysis
    Main portion of long bone
  8. Epiphysis
    Ends of bone. Covered in cartilage for reduced friction and impact absorption
  9. Cartilage
    Semirigid form of connective tissure
  10. Periosteum
    • Memebrane covering bone.
    • Growth, repair and nutrition
    • Ligament and tendon attachment
  11. Long Bones
    • Diaphysis with medullary canal
    • i.e. humerus
  12. Short Bones
    • Small and think
    • i.e. carpals
  13. Flat bone
    • Flat
    • I.e. ribs
  14. Sesamoid bones
    • Shaped like sesame seeds.
    • In joint capsules and tendons
    • I.e. Patella
  15. Synovial Joint
    • Articular Joint
    • Synovial fuild: lubrication
    • Synovial Membrane: produce fluid
    • Ligament: Intrinsic/Extrinsic, outer support
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