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  1. These keep your body healthy and protect you from illness
  2. Where do minerals come from?
    mainly from the earth
  3. What do minerals do?
    They help your blood, muscle and nervous system.  They help bones grow and function.
  4. What are three main minerals?
    calcium, iron and zinc
  5. What are proteins and what do they do?
    They are part of every living cell.  They help the body grow and repair body cells.
  6. Where are proteins found?
    Dairy, meats and nuts
  7. What do fats do?
    They help the body use other nutrients and store vitamins.  They keep the body warm, and help the brain and other tissues function.
  8. Do you need fats in small or large amounts?
  9. What does water do?
    • 1. helps the body remove waste.
    • 2. protects joints and other body parts
    • 3. keeps the body temperature regulated.
  10. Know the food groups and how much of each you need.
    • 1. grains 6-11 servings a day
    • 2. fruits 2-4 servings a day
    • 3. vegetables 3-5 servings a day
    • 4. meat-fish and poultry - 2 to 3 servings a day
    • 5.  dairy 2-3 servings a day
    • 6.  fats - use sparingly
  11. Know the activity pyramid
    • 1.  3-5 times a week aerobic activities like biking, active sports or jogging.
    • 2.  2-3 times a week leisure activities like golf, softball and gardening
    • 3.  occasionally inactive activities like TV, board games, talking on the phone
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