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  1. What is the Griffin equation?
    • HLB = 20(1-S/A)
    • S = saponification # of the ester
    • A = acid # of the FA
  2. What is the Davis equation?
    HLB = hydrophilic group number-lipophilic group number +7
  3. What equation is: HLB = Hydrophilic group number – Lipophilic group number + 7?
    The Davis equation
  4. What equation is: HLB = 20(1-S/A), where S = saponification # of the ester and A = acid number of the FA?
    Griffin equation
  5. Hydrophobic or -philic surfactant have a lower HLB?
  6. A low HLB indicates what property?
  7. A higher HLB indicates what property?
  8. A polar surfactant would have a low or high HLB?
  9. A non-polar surfactant would have a high or low HLB?
  10. A hydrophobic Surfactant would have a high or low HLB?
  11. A hydrophilic surfactant would have a high or low HLB?
  12. How is the HLB value selected for an emulsion?
    By trial and error, until optimal stability is seen
  13. How many emulsifiers should be used in an emulsion?
    One or more, usually a blend works best
  14. Does a single or multiple emulsifiers work better?
    Multiple emulsifiers often work best, but it is dependent on the emulsion
  15. How is an HLB value determined for combinations of emulsifiers?
    By taking the weighted average for individual surfactants
  16. What type of emulsifier would you select for a W/O emulsions?
  17. What type of emulsifier would you select for an O/W emulsion?
  18. What subgroups are contained in Hydrophilic colloids?
    • Natural and Synthetic polymers
    • Clays
  19. Natural and synthetic polymers and clays are what type of emulsifying agents?
    Hydrophilic Colloids
  20. What are specific examples of hydrophilic colloids?
    • Acacia (Gum Arabic)
    • Tragacanth
    • Gelatin
    • Algonates
    • Bentonite
    • Methylcellulose
    • Carboxymethylcellulose
  21. Tragacanth, Methylcellulose, Carboxymethylcellulose, Acacia, Gelatin, Algonites and Bentonite are all what type of emulsifying agent?
    Hydrophilic colloids

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PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Emulsions 4
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PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Emulsions 4
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