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  1. What is a frontier?
    A frontier is an undevolped area.
  2. What was the comstock lode?
    The Comstock Lode was a huge deposit of gold and silver in Nevada discovered by miner Henry Comstock in 1859
  3. What are boomtowns?
    Boomtowns were communities that grew suddenly when a mine opened.
  4. What was the cattle kingdom?
    The Cattle Kingdom was the great plains stretching from Texas to Canada where many ranchers raised cattle in the late 1800s
  5. What were cattle drives?
    Cattle Drives where long journeys where cowboys herded cattle to the market or the Northern Plains
  6. What was the Chisholm Trail?
    The Chisholm Trail ran from SA, Texas to Abilene, Kansas- it was one of the most popular routes for cattle drive
  7. What was the Pony Express?
    The Pony Express was a series of messengers on horseback in the 1860's that carried messages to the West
  8. What was the Treaty of Fort Laramie?
    The Treaty of Fort Laramie was the first major treaty between the Native Americans and the United States- it settled land disputes
  9. What were reservations?
    Reservations where areas of federal land set aside for indians.
  10. What was the treaty of Medicine Lodge?
    The Treaty of Medicine Lodge divided nations- some were willing to live on designated reservations, other tribes were NOT.
  11. Who were buffalo soldiers?
    Buffalo Soldiers where African American soldiers on horse back who pushed the Native Americans back on reservations.
  12. What was the Treaty of Fort Atkinson?
    The Treaty of Fort Atkinson provided a great deal of land to the Native Americans
  13. What was the massacre at Wounded Knee?
    The Massacre at Wounded Knee was when the U.S Army shot and killed about 150 Sioux near wounded knee creek in South Dakota
  14. What was a ghost dance?
    A ghost dance was a religous and spiritual dance used to celebrate the paradise the Native Americans would one day be in
  15. What was the Homestead Act?
    • Homestead Act-1862
    • -gave government owned land to small farmers
    • -single women included
    • -160 acres of land
    • -had to live and develop the land for at least five years
  16. What was the Morill Act?
    • Morill Act
    • -granted 17 million acres of Federal Land to the states
    • -states must sell the land
    • -must use the money to establish universities in the state
  17. Who were sodbusters?
    "Sodbusters" was a name given to the farmers who had to work hard to break up the dry soil
  18. What was deflation?
    Deflation was a decrease in the money supply and overall lower prices
  19. What was the National Grange?
    The National Grange was a social and educational organization for farmers
  20. Who were exodusters?
    Exodusters where Southerners who made a mass departure from the south
  21. What was dry farming?
    dry farming was a new method of farming that shifted focus away from water dependent crops such as corn- wheat
  22. What was the Populist Party?
    • Populist Party
    • -government owned rail roads and telegraph systems
    • -free and unlimited silver
    • -eight hour workday
    • -limits on immigration
  23. Who was William Jennings Bryan?
    William Jennings Bryan backed political candidates who favored free silver coinage and he ran for president in the 1896 Election
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