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  1. Hitler wanted to be rid of __and create __rule. He believed only a __can save them. Youths would be trained and Germany must __for conquest of new areas. WWII= __. It had two conflicts: __
    • democracy
    • authoritative
    • struggle
    • rearm
    • Hitler’s War
    • one provoked by ambitions of Germany in Europe, the other by the ambitions of Japan in Asia
  2. Efforts at collective security in the 1920s—the __—were meaningless. France and Britain didn’t want another war. The __ had turned in on itself, and the US __into its traditional isolationism. __ were too weak to challenge Germany. The __ was the root of Germany’s desire. 
    • League of Nations, the attempts at disarmament, the pacts and treaties
    • Soviet Union
    • withdew
    • Successor states of AH
    • power vacuum
  3. I.                   The Role of Hitler
    • a.      believed only Aryans were capable of building a great civilization
    •                                                               i.      but Germans wre threatened from earst by inferior Slavs, who learned German use of weapons and technology
  4. More land
    • a.      needed more land to support population
    •                                                               i.      doctrine of Lebensraum (living space), espoused by Karl Haushofer
    • 1.      maintained that a nation’s power depended on amount/ kind of land it occupied
  5. Russian Rev
    • a.      Hitler believed the Russian Revolutoin created the conditions for Germany’s acquisition of land to its east
    •                                                               i.      imperial Russia only strong because of its German leadership
    • 1.      seizure of power by Bolsheviks (Jews to Hitler)left Russia weak
    • a.      once conquered, German peasants could settle there, and Slavs could become slaves
  6. Conclusion
    a.      Hitler’s conclusion: Germany must prepare for war with Soviet Union, which was clearly stated in Mein Kampf
  7. European conquest
    • a.      hitler and Nazis not first to do Euroepan conquest
    •                                                               i.      elite circles in Germany before WWI wanted annexations, but WWI defeat destroyed dream fo world powerà support for Hitler’s foreign policy until 1937, because it accorded with their own desires for German expansion
  8. Outreach
    •                                                               i.      Nazi party went far beyond previous German goals
    • 1.      Hitler’s desire to create an Aryan racial empire led to slave labor and mass extermination on a larger scale
  9. Hitler: idealogue and opportunist
    •                                                               i.      combo of military, diplomatic, organizational chaos, economic pressures all caused Hitler to take steps that contradicted foreign policy goals of Mein Kampf, but he always returned because he believed only he could accomplish these things
    •                                                             ii.      fear of his health led to rapid progressà impatience à downfall
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