PHA 327 - Exam 2 - Solutions 2

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  1. What is Alcohol USP composed of?
    94.9- 96% (v/v) ethanol at 15.56 degrees C
  2. Next to water what is the most useful solvent?
    Alcohol USP
  3. What is Dehydrated alcohol composed of?
    No less than 99.5% ethanol (v/v)
  4. The final volume of mixing purified water and alcohol USP is usually, what?
    3% less than the additive original volumes
  5. What is Glycerine USP miscible with?
    Alcohol and water
  6. What is the appearance of Glycerol USP?
    Clear and viscous liquid
  7. What is glycerine USP used for?
    As a stabilizer in vitamin formulations
  8. What special quality does Glycerine have?
    Preservative quality
  9. What other solvent is frequently substituted for glycerine?
    Propylene glycol
  10. What is the appearance of propylene glycol?
    Viscous liquid
  11. What is propylene glycol miscible with?
    Water and alcohol
  12. How is Purified water USP prepared?
    Natural water purified by distillation, ion-exchange or reverse osmosis
  13. How does purified water compare to drinking water?
    Contains less sodium
  14. How much solid is contained in purified water USP?
  15. Is purified water USP used for Parenterals?
  16. What is Purified water USP used for?
    Oral dosage forms
  17. What is purified water USP not used for?
  18. What type of solutions require heat during preparation?
    Concentrated solutions or slow dissolving solutes
  19. What types of solutions do not require heating during preparation?
    Dilute and readily dissolving solutions
  20. What types of solutes need to be predissolved prior to administration to the bulk liquid?
    Dyes and preservatives
  21. Why are some solutions provided as dry powders for reconstitution?
    They have poor solubility in solution over time
  22. How are dry mixture of oral solutions prepared?
    Purified water is used to reconstitute them
  23. What should patients be instructed to do after using a dose of a dry mixture for oral solution?
    Throw the rest away
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