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  1. what does proficiency means?
    skillfulness in the command of fundamentals deriving from practice and familiarity; "practice greatly improves proficiency
  2. what does aforementioned means?
    adj-aforementioned - being the one previously mentioned or spoken of; "works of all the aforementioned authors"; "said party has denied the charges"
  3. what does affectedness means?
    the quality of being false or artificial (as to impress others)noun
  4. what does mitigate means?
    verb-To moderate (a quality or condition) in force or intensity; alleviate. See Synonyms at relieve.
  5. what does recapitulate means?
    verb- to review by a brief summary, as at the end of a speech or discussion; summarize
  6. what does proofreading means?
    v.tr.To read (copy or proof) in order to find errors and mark corrections.
  7. what does cognizant means?
    adj- 1. having cognizance; aware (usu. fol. by of): We were cognizant of the difficulty.2. having legal cognizance.
  8. what does furthermore means?
    adv.In addition; moreover.
  9. what do annotations mean?
    n.1. The act or process of furnishing critical commentary or explanatory notes.2. A critical or explanatory note; a commentary.
  10. what does executed means?
    1. To put into effect; carry out: a government that executes the decisions of the ruling party.2. To perform; do: execute a U-turn. See Synonyms at perform.3. To create (a work of art, for example) in accordance with a prescribed design.4. To make valid, as by signing: execute a deed.5. To perform or carry out what is required by: execute the terms of a will.6. To put to death, especially by carrying out a lawful sentence.7. Computer Science To run (a program or an instruction).
  11. what does fostering means?
    1. To bring up; nurture: bear and foster offspring. See Synonyms at nurture.2. To promote the growth and development of; cultivate: detect and foster artistic talent. See Synonyms atadvance.3. To nurse; cherish: foster a secret hope.
  12. what does beforehand means?
    adv. & adj.1. In anticipation.2. In advance; early.
  13. what does echoed means?
    verb-v.tr.1. To repeat (a sound) by the reflection of sound waves from a surface.2. To repeat or imitate: followers echoing the cries of their leader; events that echoed a previous incident in history.
  14. what does latter means?
    latter - the second of two or the second mentioned of two; "Tom and Dick were both heroes but only the latter is remembered today"second - following the first in an ordering or series; "he came in a close second"former - the first of two or the first mentioned of two; "Tom and Dick were both heroes but only the former is remembered today"
  15. what does neglect means?
    verb-tr.v. ne·glect·ed, ne·glect·ing, ne·glects1. To pay little or no attention to; fail to heed; disregard: neglected their warnings.2. To fail to care for or attend to properly: neglects her appearance.3. To fail to do or carry out, as through carelessness or oversight: neglected to return the call.
  16. what does contradictory means?
    Adj.1.contradictory - of words or propositions so related that both cannot be true and both cannot be false; "`perfect' and `imperfect' are contradictory terms"antonymous - of words: having opposite meanings
  17. what does intricate means?
    adj.1. Having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate. See Synonyms at elaborate.2. Solvable or comprehensible only with painstaking effort. See Synonyms at complex.
  18. what does frantically means?
    adverb-1. Highly excited with strong emotion or frustration; frenzied: frantic with worry.2. Characterized by rapid and disordered or nervous activity: made a frantic last-minute search for the lost key.
  19. what does assert means?
    verb-1. to insist upon (rights, claims, etc.)2. (may take a clause as object) to state to be true; declare categorically3. to put (oneself) forward in an insistent manner[from Latin asserere to join to oneself, from serere to join]
  20. what does predominance means?
    noun-predominance - the state of being predominant over otherspredomination, prepotencyascendance, ascendancy, ascendence, ascendency, dominance, control - the state that exists when one person or group has power over another; "her apparent dominance of her husband was really her attempt to make him pay attention to her"2.predominance - the quality of being more noticeable than anything else; "the predomination of blues gave the painting a quiet tone"predominationnoticeability, noticeableness, obviousness, patency - the property of being easy to see and understand

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