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  1. The first visiting nurse in the United States was:
    a. Lillian Wald
    b. Virginia Henderson
    c. Fabiola
    d. Francis Root
    • Francis Root.
    • Francis Root was an 1877 graduate nurse sent by the Women's Board of the New York City Mission to provide care to the sick in the home. This was considered an innovation in nursing care in the United States and the precursor to modern visiting nurses' associations.
  2. Lillian Wald and Mary Brewster's Henry Street Settlement was a model of modern health care. Which of the following services was NOT provided to people living in the Lower East Side of New York City by the Henry Street Settlement nurses? 
    a. Emergency care and first aid; b. Home visits to ill mothers and children; c. School health services; d. Industrial health services to local workers; e. Support programs for immigrants
    • Emergency care and first aid.
    • The Henry Street Settlement was a model comprehensive health care center that provided services including home visits to mothers and children, support services for immigrants, the first school health and industrial health programs.
  3. Modern community health nursing requires the nurse to _________, which empowers people to understand and address their health issues and disease.
    a. practice from a population focus
    b. adopt a medical model of care
    c. return to earlier model of prevention
    d. focus on the individual and family
    • Practice from a population focus
    • Population-focused nursing care includes people in solving their own health problems and focuses resources and health programs in a way to improve the health of entire populations, which include individuals,families and communities.
  4. According to the American Nurses Association's (ANA) Code of Ethics community health nurses must align themselves with public health programs that promote and preserve the health of populations by influencing:
    a. socioeconomic issues b. psychosocial issues  c. sociocultural issues  d.developmental issues
    • sociocultural issues
    • Community health nurses must align themselves with public health programs that promote and preserve the health of populations by influencing sociocultural issues such as human rights, homelessness, violence, and stigma of illness.
  5. An activity that illustrates "social health" within a group in a community would be a:
    a. neighborhood block party
    b. food bank in a local church
    c. yard sale
    d. school fundraiser for the school band
    • food bank in a local church
    • social health is a positive interaction among groups with an emphasis on health promotion and illness prevention. the correct choice is a food bank in a local church, because a food program alleviates problems with hunger and nutrition that affects health.
  6. It has been estimated that individual behaviors and environmental factors are responsible for what percentage of all premature deaths in the United States?
    a. 20%
    b. 30%
    c. 60%
    d. 70%
    • 70%.
    • According to USDHHS, 70% of all premature deaths in the United States are a result of individual behavior and environmental factors.
  7. Indicators of ____illustrate the health status of a community and may be useful in analyzing health patterns over time, comparing communities  from different geographic regions or comparing different aggregates within the community.
    morbidity and mortality
  8. Lillian Wald and her associates were successful in addressing health and disease in the immigrant community by:
    a. supporting political activities to improve social and environmental conditions of immigrant families.
    b. administering bedside nursing care to immigrants and their families.
    c. teaching immigrant family members to provide health care in the home
    d. obtaining and administering medication to the immigrants and their family members.
    • Supporting political activities to improve social and environmental conditions of immigrant families.
    • Wald and her associates resolved that collective political activity should focus on advancing the health of aggregates and improving social and environmental conditions by addressing the social and environmental determinants of health such as child labor, pollution, and poverty.

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