Health Psych 4.2

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  1. What is cancer?
    set of diseases in which abnormal body cells multiply and spread, forming a tumor
  2. 5 types of cancer
    • carcinoma
    • sarcoma
    • lymphoma
    • leukemia
    • myeloma
  3. Carcinoma
    • caner of the epithelial cells that link the outer and inner sufaces of the body
    • breast, prostate, lung, and skin cancer
  4. Sarcoma
    cancer that strikes muscles, bones and cartilage
  5. Lymphoma
    • cancer of the body's lymph system
    • included Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
  6. Leukemia
    cancer of the blood and blood producing system
  7. Myeloma
    grows in the plasma cells of bone marrow
  8. Inherent risk factors for developing cancer
    • genetics and family history: oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, mismatch repair genes
    • ethnic background
    • age
  9. Influential lifestyle factors that increase cancer risk
    Diet: primary factor in 1/3 of all cancer deaths

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Health Psych 4.2
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