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  1. 1st line rx for social phobia?
    • Assertive training
    • SSRI
  2. tumor in the nasal septum producing bleeding?
    juvenile angiofibroma
  3. presentation of toxic megacolon?
    • secondary to bloody diarhea caused by IBD
    • leukocytosis
    • volume depletion
    • fever
  4. best initial test for toxic megacolon?
    more accurate?
    • xray
    • colonoscopy/ct
  5. what parameters are used in evaluating the glasgow coma scale?
    • eye opening
    • motor response
    • verbal response
  6. what 3 parameters are used to evaluate for coma?
    • brainstem activity--eom, reflexes
    • motor response--decorticate/decerbrate
    • consciesness
  7. Legg Parthe idiopathic necrosis occurs in what age?
    up to 10 years old
  8. complication of Pseudotumor Cerebri?
  9. posterior shoulder dislocation occurs most commonly secondary to ?
    seizure episode
  10. best initial rx for central retinal artery occlusion?
    ocular massage and oxygen
  11. rx for acute angle closure glaucoma?/
    • acetazolamide and mannitol
    • pilocarpine or bb
  12. what is the only live vaccine given to aids patients?
  13. what is the fluid in galactorrhea?
    white, yellow, brown or red
  14. when do you worry about fluid coming out of a nipple..ie consider intraductal papilloma?
    • if its unilateral
    • breast lumps
    • if fluid is gauiac positive
  15. when do you test for g6pd?
    after the hemolytic event
  16. rx for sinusitis?
    amox-clavulanic acid
  17. in a patient that is in a hypovolemic shock..what care must be taken so that no code occurs?
    fluids must be give first and then intubation
  18. causes of achalasia and pseudoachalasia?
    • idiopathic achalasia from chagas or others
    • pseudo caused by malignancy
  19. when do you scope for achalasia?
    alarming symptoms such as weightloss
  20. drugs used for sle nephritis?
    • steroids
    • cyclophosphamide
    • mycophenolate
  21. what causes dic in aml?
    release of auer rods
  22. what aml type is peroxidase negative and esterase negative?
  23. what aml is peroxidase + and esterase -?
    aml M3--promyelocytic
  24. what aml has prodeminanly monocytes?
    monocytic M5
  25. which leukemia is pas + and which one is peroxidase +?
    peroxidase--aml m3

  26. if two guardians have difference of opinion on rx, what shud be done?
    1 consent is fine for rx
  27. when does eczema herpeticum occurs?
    after atopic dermatitis--on top of the lesion of eczema--the lesions are vesicular
  28. rx for bb toxicity?
    • atropine
    • glucagon
  29. rx for digitalis toxicity/?
    • k+
    • lidocaine
    • anti-dig ab
    • Mg2+
  30. rx for theophylline overdose?
  31. most accurate test for histoplasmosis?
    urine antigen
  32. rx for systemic histo?
  33. what oocytes are acid fast +?
    • cryptosporidium
    • isospora
  34. test for phenylketonuria?
    Guthrie test
  35. test for estrogen effects on the endometrium in ruling out amenorrhea?
    progesterone withdrawal test
  36. CIN II affecting ectocervix rx?
    CIN II affecting endocervix?
    • LEEP
    • 2 step LEEP
  37. blanchable skin lesion?
    non blanchable ?
    • purpura
    • telangiectasia and erythema
  38. head sss
    • hope
    • eating
    • education
    • activities
    • drugs
    • school
    • sex
    • suicidality
  39. young age produces what kinds of babies?
    small for gestationa age
  40. sga definition?
    • <10%
    • hypoglycemic
    • poor feeding
    • listless
    • hypothermic
    • polycythemic
  41. large for gestational age?
  42. test for cmv
    • urine culture
    • urine antigen
    • urine antigen
  43. when do u give ig against hep b to a baby?
    if the mother is HbsAg +
  44. what antigens are used for evaluating response to therapy of pancreatic cancer?
    • ca19-9
    • cea
  45. in a situation where a spouse can expire if not given blood but he is presumed jehovahs witness and the wife protests the blood transfusion, next step?
    dont give blood
  46. best initial test for diaphragmatic hernia?
    barium swallow
  47. causes of pulsus paradoxus?
    • cardiac tamponade
    • asthma
    • tension pneumothorax
  48. how are mg and polymyositis similar?
    both affect proximal muscle groups
  49. when is decompression of the gi tract happens?
    during small bowel obstruction
  50. 3 disease conditions causing baker cysts?
    pathophys behind baker cysts?
    • ra
    • oa
    • cartilage tears

    inflamed synovium producing excess synovial fluid
  51. what mimics dvt ?
    • cellulitis
    • ruptured baker's cyst
  52. rx for spontaneous subconjunctiva hemorrhage?
  53. two pathologies commonly seen after blunt trauma to the chest in motor vehicle accidents?
    • aortic rupture
    • pulmonary contusion--with alveolar infiltrate
  54. rx for vulvovaginitis?
    oral fluconazole
  55. traction apophysitis?
    osgood- schlatter disease
  56. separation of the tibial tubercle occurs in what condition?
    Osgood-schlatter disease
  57. Difference between endometritis and lochia?
    • endometritis--uterus is tender, WBC is high, foul smelling vaginal discharge
    • Lochia--uterus is non tender, wbc is normal
    • both have temp, tachycardia and tachypnea, not foul smelling
  58. How long does luchia last?
    if luchia does not have an odor it is?
    if it does have an odor?
    • up to 4 days
    • luchia rubra
    • endometritis
  59. next step if the vaginal discharge in the post partum period has foul smelling odor?
    culture of the discharge and consider empiric antibiotics
  60. what complications will endoscopy show with gerd?
    • schatzki ring
    • esophagitis
  61. 85% of hypothyrodism is caused by ?
    dysplasia, aplasia or ectopic thyroid gland
  62. 2 causes of floppy baby syndrome?
    • botulism toxin
    • wernig-hoffman disease
  63. most effective management of a neurogenic bladder?
    intermittent catheterization
  64. prophylaxis for malaria in sub-saharan africa and the indian continent?
  65. 3 causes for n-acetylcysteine?
    • mucus resolution in cf
    • acetaminophen overdose
    • prophylaxis against contrast induced renal failure
  66. what is enthesitis?
    where is it seen?
    • inflammation and pain at the insertion of ligaments and tendons into the bone
    • overusage injuries as well as HLA-B27 spondyloathropathies
  67. Ankylosing spondylitis enthesitis commonly occurs in what areas?
    • heel
    • tibia
    • illiac crest
    • vertebrae
  68. sick sinus syndrome results from?
    fibrosis of SA node or thrombosis of the sa node artery
  69. most common side effect of dopamine agonists use in parkinsons?
  70. what electrolyte is disturbed in DiGeorge syndrome?
  71. difference between primary and secondary hypercalcemia?
    • primary--low phosphate, high calcium
    • secondary--high phosphate, normal calcium
  72. Most common complication of mumps?
  73. rx of asthma exacerbation?
    rx for copd exacerbation
    • albuterol
    • steroids
    • mg
    • intubation

  74. rx for single episode of depression?
    relapsing epidsodes of depression?
    • 6 months
    • indefinitely
  75. abrupt cessation of what drug causes seizures?
  76. how is the management of meningitis in children and adults varying?
    • in children--- do LP first and then antibiotics
    • In adults--antibiotics and then LP
  77. who should get steroids for bacterial meningitis?
    adults and children >6 weeks old
  78. when is the rh titer in the mother considered not sensitized?
    less than 1:4
  79. rx for gestational diabetes that fails to be controlled with diet?
  80. how does gestational dm causes hyperviscosity?
    hyperglycemia promotes increased BMR which leads to increased oxygen consumption which leads to hypoxia which in turn leads to polycythemia and hyperviscosity
  81. rx for septic abortion?
    cervical/endometrial/blood cultures, iv antibiotics and gentle suctioning
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