Wordly Wise Lesson 14

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  1. amass
    v. To gather or collect for one’s use or profit; to accumulate.
  2. articulate
    • v. 1. To pronounce distinctly.
    • 2. To express one’s thoughts, feelings, or beliefs in words.
  3. decimate
    v. To kill or destroy a large portion of a group.
  4. dexterous
    adj. Skillful in the use of hands or mind.
  5. dexterity
  6. garb
    • n. A style of clothing; costume.
    • v. To clothe or dress.
  7. gregarious
    adj. Enjoying the company of others; sociable.
  8. inherent
    adj. Existing as a natural part of something.
  9. maternal
    • adj. 1. Motherly.
    • 2. Related to or inherited through one’s mother.
  10. nurture
    • v. To care for and give sustenance to.
    • n. The process of raising one’s young.
  11. obtrusive
    • adj. 1. Tending to push oneself forward in an unwelcome manner.
    • 2. Noticeable in an undesirable way.
  12. parody
    • v. To imitate the style of someone or something in order to make fun of it.
    • n. An imitation that exaggerates for comic effect.
  13. pugnacious
    adj. Aggressive; eager to fight or quarrel.
  14. pugnacity
  15. reprehensible
    adj. Deserving blame or rebuke.
  16. tractable
    adj. Easily managed or controlled.
  17. zany
    adj. Comical because of strangeness; clownish.

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