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  1. What event caused Britain to fight in World War I.
    Germany invaded Belgium
  2. This is why a stalemate developed along the western front early in the war
    trench warfare made it difficult for either side to win an advantage
  3. Germany offered what to Mexico if it joined the Central Powers in the Zimemerman note.
    the return of mexican lands held by the U.s.
  4. Which of the following contributed to the US's decision to enter the war
    cultural ties to Britain
  5. In general, the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles focused mainly on
    punished Germany
  6. Which countries were members of the Central Powers
    Germany, Ottoman Empire/Turkey, Austria-Hungary
  7. How was fighting on the Eastern front different from fighting on the western front
    trench warfare not as widespread on easter front
  8. Total war can de described as
    the channeling of all of a nations's resources into war effort
  9. The strongest characteristics of fighting in WWI is?
    trench warfare
  10. WHAT is not an example of WWI technology
    atomic bomb
  11. What of the new technologies was rather ineffective during WWI.
  12. What two countries can claim assassination for their entry in WWI.
    Serbia and Austria- Hungary
  13. The Big three included the leaders of which countries
    France, Britain , US
  14. Which problem threatened the peace in postwar europe
    many overlapping claims to territory
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