Unit 4 American Government

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  1. Senate
    Upper house, two representatives per state, six year term of office.
  2. House of Representatives
    Lower house, 435 house members, two year term.
  3. Joint Committtee
    members of both houses serve as advisers for other committees
  4. Conference Committee
    • A temporary committee made up of members from
    • both houses and the job is to make a compromise on a proposed bill
  5. Membership
    in a committee is determined by party percentage of congress at large
  6. Powers of House of Representatives
    power of the purse, elect president,
  7. Powers of the Senate
    Treaty ratification, confirmation power.
  8. Shared Powers
    Impeachment, Regulate commerce and foreign imports, Both declare war
  9. How a bill becomes a law?
    go through committee state, ask people to vote for the law, Conference stage (pass both houses), president passes vetos or pocket vetos
  10. Thought that the national debt was a blessing
    Alexander Hamilton
  11. first use of income tax
    Civil war
  12. Pollock v. Farmers loan and trust
    Supreme Court declares graduated income tax unconstitutional
  13. What was the intent of the founding fathers with Congress?
    They intended it to be the first branch of government.
  14. Importance of written law
    Code of Hamurrabbi, Israel and the pentateuch, Greek city-states, roman Law
  15. justice
    Conformity to the God of the Bible
  16. What established the federal court system?
    judiciary act of 1789
  17. Marbury v. Madison
    The court can rule something unconstitutional
  18. Dred Scot v. Sandford
    Slaves were property and could not sue
  19. McCulloh v. Maryland
    • The power to tax is the power to destroy.
    • The federal is supreme over the state
  20. Brown v. Board of Education
    overturned plessy v. ferguson
  21. Roe v. Wade
    Amendment 14 right to privacy
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