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  1. The disadvantage to personality types is that
    they tend to oversimplify personality
  2. The traits that are shared by most members of a cultural group are called
  3. Sandy is a very friendly person who likes chinese food. Sandy's friendliness is most likely a _____ trait, whereas her preference for Chinese food is most likely a _____ trait.
  4. The 16PF is designed to measure
    source traits
  5. Joan is very emotional and worries constantly. She would probably score high on the measure of which of the Big Five trait dimensions?
  6. Joe is fairly calm in the classroom, but when his teacher sees him at a basketball game, he is cheering and boisterous. This seeming change in personality is probably due to
    the trait-situation interaction
  7. According to Freud, the ____ is an innate biological instinct and operates on the pleasure principle.
  8. Which term did Freud consider to be the "executive" of personality?
  9. Which one of the following is NOT one of Freud's psychosexual stages?
  10. Which theorist believed that the ego "wore a mask, or persona"?
  11. Which is NOT a focus of humanism?
    unconscious urges
  12. According to Maslow, a self-actualizer would be or possess which of the following?
    nonhostile sense of humor
  13. The MMPI-2 is an example of a
    personality questionnaire
  14. Two parts of the psyche that operate on all three levels of awareness are the
    ego and superego
  15. Scales that rate a person's tendencies for depression,hysteria,paranoia,and mania are found on the
  16. Maslow used the term _____ to describe the tendency to make full use of personal potentials.
    self- actualization
  17. Freud believed that boys identify with their fathers in order to resolve the ______ conflict
  18. Which theory of personality places the greatest emphasis on the effects of the environment?
  19. Rogers described mismatches between one's self image and reality as a state of
  20. A trait profile is used to report the results of
    The 16 PF
  21. People who prefer hip-hop,soul, and electronic music tend to
    value aesthetic experiences
  22. In Asian cultures, _____tends to be more strongly related to group membership and the success of the group.
  23. T or F
    Personality is a person's relatively stable pattern of attitudes.
  24. T or F
    In Asian cultures, self-esteem is strongly tied to personal achievement, rather than group success.
  25. T or F
    Traits are stable or lasting qualities of personality, displayed in most situations.
  26. T or F
    Similarities between reunited identical twins show that personality is mostly shaped by genetics.
  27. T or F
    As on of the Big Five factors, neuroticism refers to having negative, upsetting emotions.
  28. T or F
    The id is totally unconscious.
  29. T or F
    The ego is guided by the pleasure principle.
  30. T or F
    The genital stage occurs between the ages of 3 and 6, just before latency.
  31. T or F
    Erik Erickson's psychosocial stages were derived, in part, from Freud's psychosexual stages.
  32. T or F
    Behaviorists view personality as a collection of learned behavior patterns.
  33. T or F
    Humanist believe that humans are capable of free choice.
  34. T or F
    Info. inconsistent with one's self-image is described as incongruent.
  35. T or F
    Planned questions are used in a structured interview.
  36. T or F
    Items on the MMPI-2 were selected for their ability to identify persons with psychiatric problems.
  37. T or F
    It is very easy to fake responses to a projective test.
  38. T or F
    Open-ended questions help keep conversations going.
  39. The difference between an acute stress disorder and PTSD is
    how long the disturbance lasts
  40. A core feature of all abnormal behavior is that it is
    ultimately maladaptive
  41. Phototherapy is used primarily to treat
  42. Psychopathology is defined as an inability to behave is ways that
    foster personal growth and happiness
  43. You find yourself in an unfamiliar town and you cant remember your name or address. It is likely that you are suffering from
    a dissociative disorder
  44. A person with a _____ personality disorder might be described as "charming" by people who dont know the person well
  45. A person who is manic most likely suffers from a _____ disorder.
  46. One of the two core features of abnormality is that it is maladaptive and
    involves a loss of control of one's behavior,thoughts, or emotions.
  47. Jeff is a homeless man, living on the streets in a crowded city. Which of the following risk factors is he facing?
    social conditions
  48. Which of the following statements about the antisocial personality is FALSE?
    They are, typically, crazed murderers
  49. Fear of enclosed spaces would be categorized as a _____phobia.
  50. Tyron believes he is seeing bats flying around his apartment even though no one else can see them. This is and example of
    hallucinatory thinking
  51. Dementia is caused by
    Alzheimer's disease, poor circulation, shrinking of the brain.
  52. Brendon goes to the doctor, complaining that his body smells funny and that he is rotting inside. He is probably suffering from a
    somatic type delusion
  53. Which of the following is not a symptom of schizophrenia?
    selective attention
  54. Psychological problems are classified and diagnosed by using the
  55. Which of the following neurotransmitters is implicated as a biological cause of schizophrenia?
  56. Sharon was hospitalized when she cut her wrists in an attempted suicide. While in the hospital, she mostly was deeply depressed, with occasional bouts of hypomania. This would be ______ disorder.
    bipolar II
  57. Which of the following disorder would apply to a person who has amnesia?
  58. Into which of the following disorder categories would a person who has a sever loss of contact with reality fall?
  59. A problem that may occur with or without agoraphobia is
    panic disorder
  60. T or F
    A person who is a frequent "checker" may have an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  61. T or F
    The risk of suicide is high if a person has a concrete, workable plan for doing it.
  62. T or F
    Sociopaths usually have a childhood history of emotional deprivation,neglect,and abuse.
  63. T or F
    Personality disorders usually appear suddenly in early childhood.
  64. T or F
    A person who fears he or she will have a panic attack in public places or unfamiliar situations suffer from acrophobia.
  65. T or F
    Multiple personality is a dissociative disorder.
  66. T or F
    In bipolar disorders, people experience both mania and depression.
  67. T or F
    Delusions of persecution are a key symptom of paranoid psychosis.
  68. T or F
    Overall, women are twice as likely as men to become depressed.
  69. T or F
    Samatoform disorders occur when a person has physical symptoms for which there is an identifiable physical cause.
  70. T or F
    In bipolar I disorder, the person alternates between extreme mania and deep depression.
  71. T or F
    PTSD is classified as an anxiety disorder.
  72. T or F
    People with borderline personality disorder are commonly known as sociopaths.
  73. T or F
    Long-lasting, through relatively moderate, depression is called a dysthymis disorder.
  74. Which type of therapy's goal is to lead clients to a deeper understanding of themselves?
  75. In psychoanalysis, particularly important unconscious conflicts may be revealed by
  76. Client-centered therapy is an ______therapy that is _____.
  77. Betty's therapist looks shocked at something Betty has revealed. According to Rogers, the therapist has violated which of the four conditions of effective therapy?
    unconditioned positive regard
  78. Behavior therapists believe that people can change the way they are through
    learning more appropriate responses
  79. According to cognitive therapists, ______ is a thinking error in which the person tends to let upsetting events affect unrelated situations.
  80. Which of the following is NOT one of the three elements of REBT?
    anxious feelings
  81. Family therapy tends to
    be brief,be focused on specific problems,treat the family as a unit.
  82. Research shows the about half of all patients feel better after only __ therapy sessions.
  83. Deep lesioning, in which an electric current is sent through a fine wire to destroy specific areas of brain cells, is an example of
  84. Which of the following is true about ECT
    ECT should be followed by the use of antidepressant drugs, it produces only temporary improvement,it causes permanent memory change.
  85. Carl Rogers established
    person-centered therapy
  86. A psychological technique used to facilitate positive changes in a person's personality,behavior, or adjustment defines
  87. The most common technique you can use to overcome common fears is
  88. Therapist at community mental health centers charge
    on a sliding scale based of the client's ability to pay
  89. If your therapist tends to focus on issues of death,freedom,isolation,and meaninglessness, he or she would probably be classified as a
    existential therapist
  90. Which therapy would be more direct than the others?
  91. According to Aaron Beck, negative ____ underlie depression
    self-defeating thoughts
  92. Free association is a basic technique in
  93. One thing that both trepanning and exorcism have in common is that both are used
    to remove evil spirits
  94. T or F
    Aversion therapy for smoking involves rapid smoking which seems to work because excessive smoking is unpleasant.
  95. T or F
    In psychoanalysis, patients avoid talking about certain subjects. This is called free association.
  96. T or F
    A behaviorial therapist would treat acrophobia with desensitization.
  97. T or F
    Encounter groups emphasize tearing down defenses and false fronts.
  98. T or F
    Asking closed questions is not an effective counseling skill.
  99. T or F
    Reflecting feelings is a counseling behavior that helps others solve personal problems.
  100. T or F
    The use of drugs to alleviate the symptoms of emotional disturbance is known as psychotherapy.
  101. T or F
    Pharmacotherapy can best be described as the use of psychosurgeries to alleviate the symptoms of emotional disturbances.
  102. T or F
    Many former mental patients who were deinstitutionalized have become homeless or are repeatedly jailed for minor crimes.
  103. T or F
    Behavioral therapists try to change troublesome actions, while cognitive therapists try to change thinking patterns that lead to troublesome emotions or behaviors.
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