Patho quiz fourteen

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  1. trauma
    injury caused by extrinsic forces particularly when associated with an accident or violence
  2. contusion
    caused by crushing, dislocation, disruption, or disruption of subsurface tissue by a blunt instrument that doesn't penetrate or break the surface
  3. abrasion
    scraping or scuffing of the skin surface without full-thickness loss
  4. laceration
    tear in the surface caused by shearing of tissue, leaving irregular, ragged wound margins
  5. sharp force
    trauma from a sharp-edged instrument or object
  6. incised wounds
    longer than they are deep
  7. stab wounds
    deeper than they are long
  8. penetrating missile wounds
    enters the body and doesn't exit
  9. perforating missile wound
    passes through the body and leaves both entrance and exit components
  10. abrasion color
    • shows entry
    • marginal rim of abrasion
  11. muzzle imprint
    stamp from the gun being placed directly on the skin
  12. strippling
    soot deposition or burning within or surrounding the entrance wound
  13. peritonitis
    can occur when the GI contents spill into the peritoneal cavity
  14. ileus
    tract motility becomes depressed and leads to this kind of obstruction
  15. flail chest
    inability to move the chest cage due to multiple rib fractures
  16. frostbite
    necrosis of the tissue caused by freezing
  17. radiosensitive
    tissue easily killed by radiation
  18. anaphylaxis
    severe vasodilation resulting in shock and bronchoconstriction resulting in inability to breath
  19. nitrogen dioxide
    produces severe, acute injury to the lining of the pulmonary alveoli
  20. liquid ammonia
    severe burns of skin, eyes, and respiratory tract
  21. paraquat
    damages pulmonary alveoli
  22. cholinesterase inhibitors
    lead to depression of central and autonomic nervous systems and motor nerve endings
  23. iron poisoning
    corrosive damage to the stomach and small intestines and toxic to various tissues such as the liver and heart
  24. aspirin poisoning
    metabolic with initial alkalosis caused by hyperventilation and later severe acidosis
  25. cyanide
    prevents cellular oxygen utilization
  26. methyl alcohol
    blindness when nonfatal
  27. lead poisoning
    affects the brain, peripheral nerves, and bone marrow
  28. mercuric chloride
    corrosive damage to the oral region and esophagus
  29. Vitamin A toxicity
    problems with skin, bone, brain and liver, psychoses
  30. Vitamin D toxicity
    hypercalcemia and renal calculi
  31. hemochromatosis
    excess iron
  32. Wernicke encephalopathy
    degeneration of several regions in the center of the brain
  33. Korsakoff dementia
    condition accompanied by severe memory loss and organ psychosis
  34. delirium tremens (DT)
    withdrawal period from acute excessive alcohol intake
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