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  1. the maximum angle between a planar surface and a horizontal plane
  2. forces acting in opposite directions
    compressional stress
  3. a fold with only one limb
  4. a structure that has dips towards it from all sides
  5. recumbent folds
    are overturned to the point that limbs are horizontal
  6. the angle between the axis of a fold and the ground surface
  7. if a anticline on a geologic map forms a nose pointing towards the east it is plunging towards that
  8. a break in rocks there has been relative motion in called
  9. the exposed face of a fault
  10. the fault that divided the Basin and Range PRovince from the Mojava Province is called
    garlock fault
  11. mountains formed a "pressure ridges"
    san gabriels
  12. a very flat (low angle) normal fault is called
    detachment fault
  13. the main type of faults in the basin and range province of the western UNited States is
  14. the mountain ranges in the Basin and Range Province are
  15. p waves
    are compressional waves
  16. type of surface waves
  17. triagulation from 3 seismographs locations is done to
    locate the epicenter
  18. the difference in arrivale time between the P and S waves tells
    the distance from the epicenter
  19. the epicenter of an earthquake, by definition, must always be
    at the surface of the earth
  20. rivers and glaciers get their energy from
    solar energy and the external heat engine
  21. the internal heat engine provides the energy for
  22. the earths tectonic plates are moves by convection in the
  23. all of the earths ocean flood was created in
    mid ocean ridges
  24. what feature is found when two oceanic plates converge
  25. compared to oceanic crust, continental crust is less dense
  26. the deepest earthquakes are
    where plates are converging
  27. the himalaya mountains formed
    as two continents collided
  28. a rift valley would be found where tectonic plates are
  29. the hawaiian island are
    over a hot spot in the mantle
  30. the atomic particle with a positive electrical charge is called the
  31. the this element would from a cation
  32. the suns energy is produced by
    nuclear fusion
  33. an amoprhous solid is a
  34. the type of chemical bond that is most flexible is
  35. a mineral must be a
  36. what is a example of a non mineral
    wood, oil
  37. metallic glassy and dull are examples of
  38. which property is useful in identifying almost all minerals
  39. a mineral that breaks into curved or irregular fragments is demonstration
  40. the streak of a mineral describes
    the powder left on a white plate
  41. mafic minerals are rich in
    iron and magnesium
  42. silica tetrahedra contain a silicon atom surrounded by atoms of what element
  43. a volcanic rock with a mafic composition is called
  44. a igneous rock with 2 different sizes of crystals in it is
  45. sharp angular lava is called
  46. cinder cones
    are entirely made of pyroclastic material
  47. the largest volcanoes are
    shield volcano
  48. the type of volcano made of andesite is
    composite volcano
  49. a good example of caldera is
    crater lake
  50. the city of Armenro Colombis was destroyed in 1985 by
    volcanic mudflows
  51. a nuee ardante is
    a glowing cloud of hot gas and ash
  52. a lava that erupts underwater would have
    pillow structures
  53. a felsic intrusive rock would be called
  54. the mineral commonly known as "fools gold" is
  55. biotite is
    a mafic mica
  56. decompression, or lowering of pressure will help rocks
    to melt
  57. the rate that temperture increases with depth downward into the earth is the
    benioff zone
  58. according to Bowen's reaction series, the first silicate mineral to melt as a rock is heated will be
  59. which of the following minerals is not part of discontinuous series of bowen;s reaction series
  60. polymorphs are different minerals with the same
    chemical formula
  61. calcite, dolomite, malchite are
  62. the chain silicate minerals groups are amphiboles and the
  63. rock are more likey to melt
    when water is present
  64. an igneous structure that is cuts the bedding in older rock is called a
  65. an igneous rock made of giant crystals (up to 10 meters) is called
  66. the force that drives mass wasting is
  67. the greatest annual property in the U S is from
  68. a type of mass wasting where the interior sturcture of the material will not be preserved
  69. a desirable feature from the perspective of avoiding mass wasting is
    bedding in the opposite direction to the slope
  70. the volume of water flowing down a river is called the
  71. rock grains that move alone the bed of a stream in a jumping motion are said to move by
  72. the type of drainage pattern shown in the stream map below is
  73. a perfectly straight river would have a sinuosity of
  74. a youthful stream will not have
    a wide flood plain
  75. sandbars deposited on the inside of meander curves are called
    point bar
  76. the sediment deposited by a meandering stream
    get finer upward
  77. darcys law is used to calculate
  78. a rock that prevents any water from flowing through is called an
  79. in order to have a flowing artesian well you must have
    a recharge area at a higher elevation than the well
  80. above the water table is
    the vabose zone
  81. a feature sticking up from the floor of a cave would be a
  82. if there is more than one water table in an area the higher waterable is
  83. a large crack into a glacier is called
  84. firn is
    partially recrystallized snow
  85. a sharp ridge between two glaciers is called
  86. unsorted glacial sediment is called
  87. which moraine is a type of end moraine
  88. roc that prevents any water from flowing through is called an
  89. in order to have a flowing artesian well you must have
    a recharge areas at a higher elevation that the well
  90. above the water table is
    vadose zone
  91. a feature sticking up from the floor of a cave would be a
  92. if there is more than one water table in an area the higher water table is
  93. a large crack into a glacier is called
  94. firm is
    partially recrystallized snow
  95. a sharp ridge between two glaciers is called
  96. the energy for waves comes from
    the wind
  97. most beaches have the largest waves in the
  98. the highest point on a wave is the
  99. wave refraction tends to
  100. bend waves parallel to the shoreline
  101. the vertical distance from the trough to the crest of a wave is the
  102. height
  103. the circular motions of the water beneath a wave are called
  104. wave base for a wave is equale to
    half the wavelength
  105. between the berm and the seacliffs you would fine what part of a beach
  106. if you are caught in a rip current you should
    swim parallel to the shore
  107. upper newport bay and bolsa chica are good examples of
  108. which of the following protective measures actually increase the erosion on a beach
    sea walls
  109. beach erosion is a greater problem today then in then past mainly because of
    most rivers are dammed
  110. the greatest loss of sand from beaches occurs when the sand
    flows down submarine canyons
  111. if a groin is built then there will be
    some depostition on the side that the longsore current is coming from, but an equal amount of erosion on the downcurrent side
  112. a sand bar attached to the coast on one side is called
  113. offshore rocks left behind as a coastline erodes are called
  114. a world wide change in sealevel is called
  115. the steepest part of a continental margin is the
    continental slope
  116. the edge of the continental shelf is called the
    shelf break
  117. a flat topped seamount is called a
  118. which is not part of an ophiolite sequence
  119. the deepest part of the oceans are the
  120. a ring shaped coral island is called a
  121. the place where you would find life forms that get their energy from the "internal heat engine" rather than the "external heat engine: would be
    around "black smokers"
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