social psych

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  1. the branch of psychology concerned with the way individuals thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by others
    social psychology
  2. ____ _____ ____ are seen as more sociable, friendly, poised, warm and well adjusted, competant
    good looking people
  3. we tend to be relatively accurate in determining someone's sexual orientation and can make inferences about personality from a handshake
    nonverbal expressions
  4. time savers?
    cognitive schema
  5. organized clusters of hte ideas about categories of social events and people based on experience
    social schema
  6. widely held belief that people have certain characteristics b/c of their membership in a particular group?
  7. ex of stereo types?
    dumb blonde, asians are smart, italians talk with their hands
  8. confirmation bias in person perception
    we see what we expect to see
  9. we overestimate the # of times we encounter confirmations of our beliefs
    illusory correlation
  10. ex of illusory correlation?
    • i've never met an honest lawyer
    • i only meet foreigners that don't speak any english
  11. spotlight effect?
    people think that other's pay more attention to their actions and appearances than they actually do
  12. why do we believe in the spotlight effect?
    we believe that we are the center of our universe so we are focused on out own behavior especially our triumphs and mishaps
  13. feel like you know your friends better than they know you
    illusion of asymmetric insight
  14. evolutionary perspective on bias in person perception?
    attractiveness could be associated with reproductive success
  15. ex of evolutionary perspective on bias in person perception?
    baby faces are helpless and need naturing
  16. why do we categorize?
    to see if they are ingroup members of outgroup members which helps us to quickly recognize potential enemies or predators
  17. inferences that people draw about the causes of events, other's behaviors and their own behavior
  18. internal attribution
    Blaming a factor, agent, or force within one’s control for causing an event.
  19. external attribution
    Blaming an outside factor as the cause of an event
  20. tendency to overestimate role of diposition/ internal/ personal factors
    fundamental attribution error
  21. ex of fundamental attribution error?
    you failed, you must be stupid
  22. in attempting to explain other people's setbacks in life, they have a stronger tendency to attribute it to internal causes (blame people for their own misfortune)
    defensive attribution
  23. ex of defensive attribution?
    you fell, person reponses, I was pushed
  24. self serving bias?
    enhancing the ego
  25. ex of self serving bias?
    • i aced the test b/c i am good at math
    • i failed the test b/c the questions were bad and the teacher never taught us
  26. putting personal goals ahead of group goals and defining one's identity in terms of personal attributes rather than group members
  27. who is more prone to self serving bias?
    US and western cultures
  28. putting group goals and defining one's identity in terms of the groups one belongs to (family, tribe, work group, team)
  29. who is less prone to the fundamental attribution error?
    asian, african, and latin american cultures
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