Med term unit 14

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  1. ambulate, ambulatory
  2. American Occupational Therapy Association
  3. cervical vertebrae 1-7
  4. podiatrist (doctor of podiatric medicine)
  5. fracture
  6. fracture of both bones
  7. lumbar vertebrae 1-5
  8. lumbar puncture
  9. left
    lt, L
  10. open reduction external fixation
  11. open reduction internal fixation
  12. orthopedist, orthopedics
  13. registered occupational therapist
  14. right
    rt, R
  15. thoracic vertebrae 1-12
  16. years old, years
    y/o, yr
  17. acromioclavicular
    joint between the collar bone and the acromion process
  18. acromiohumeral
    joint between the acromion process and the humerus
  19. acromion
    the bony projection on the scapula at the humeroscapular joint
  20. ambulance
    vehicle used to transport patients
  21. ambulatory
    able to walk, walking
  22. ankyloblepharon
    stiffened, adhered eyelids
  23. ankylocheilia
    adhesion of the upper and lower lips, making them stiff
  24. ankylodactylia
    adhesion of two or more digits, making them stiff
  25. ankyloglossia
    limited movement (stiffness) of the tongue
  26. ankylophobia
    abnormal fear of ankylosis
  27. ankyloproctia
    closure (immobility) of the anus and rectum
  28. ankylosis
    condition of stiffening, loss of mobility
  29. arteriostasis
    control of arterial flow
  30. brachial
    pertaining to the arm
  31. brachiocephalic
    pertaining to the arm and head
  32. brachioradialis
    muscle that extends from the upper arm to the radial bone
  33. calcaneodynia (calcanealgia)
    heel pain
  34. calcaneum, calcaneus, calcanea
    heel bone
  35. carpi, carpus, carpal
    wrist bones
  36. cervical
    pertaining to the neck, neck of the uterus, other necklike structure
  37. cervicectomy
    excision of the cervix of the uterus
  38. cervicitis
    inflammation of the cervix of the uterus
  39. cervicobrachial
    pertaining to the neck and arm
  40. cervicofacial
    pertaining to the neck and the face
  41. cholestasis
    control of bile flow
  42. condyle, condylar
    a rounded process on a bone end
  43. condylectomy
    excision of a condyle
  44. condyloid
    resembling a condyle
  45. diskectomy
    excision of herniated intervertebral disk (discectomy)
  46. distal
    distant, away from the origin
  47. enterostasis
    control of intestinal flow
  48. epicondyle
    upon a condyle
  49. femur, femoral
    the thigh bone
  50. fibula
    small, long bone in lower leg lateral to tibia
  51. fracture
    break or crack
  52. fungistasis (mycostasis)
    control or stop growth of a fungus
  53. ganglion
    a collection of nerve cell bodies
  54. hemostasis (hematostasis)
    control of blood flow
  55. humeroradial
    pertaining to the humerus and the radius
  56. humeroscapular
    pertaining to the humerus and the scapula
  57. humeroulnar
    pertaining to the humerus and the ulna
  58. ileum
    third part of the small intestine
  59. ilium
    upper pelvic bone
  60. intervertebral
    between the vertebrae
  61. ischiocele
    herniation through the ischial bone
  62. ischioneuralgia (sciatica)
    pain in the nerves near the ischium
  63. ischiopubic
    pertaining to the ischium and the pubis
  64. ischiorectal
    pertaining to the ischium and the rectum
  65. kyphosis
    posterior curvature of the thoracic spine
  66. laminectomy
    excision of the lamina of the vertebral posterior arch
  67. lordosis
    anterior curvature of the lumbar spine
  68. medial
    toward the middle
  69. metacarpi, metacarpals
    hand bones distal to the carpi
  70. metatarsals, metatarsi
    foot bones distal to the tarsals
  71. noctambulism
  72. noctalbuminuria
    excretion of albumin in urine at night
  73. nyctalgia
    pain during the night
  74. nyctalopia
    night blindness
  75. nyctophobia (noctiphobia)
    abnormal fear of the night
  76. nycturia (nocturia)
    excessive urination during the night
  77. orthopedist
    bone and joint specialist
  78. palatoschisis (uranoschisis)
    cleft palate
  79. phalagitis
    inflammation of the phalanges
  80. phlebostasis
    control of venous flow
  81. pubofemoral
    pertaining to the pubic bone and the femur
  82. pyostasis
    control of pus formation
  83. rachialgia (rachiodynia)
    spinal pain
  84. rachiometer
    instrument to measure spinal curvature
  85. rachioplegia
    spinal paralysis
  86. rachischisis (spina bifida cystica)
    split spine
  87. rachitis (spondylitis)
    inflammation of the spine
  88. radioulnar
    pertaining to the radius and the ulna
  89. retrolisthesis
    posterior displacement of a vertebra
  90. sacral
    pertaining to the sacrum
  91. scapula
    shoulder blade
  92. schistoglossia
    split tongue
  93. schistosomiasis
    infestation with Schistosoma flukes
  94. schizonychia
    split finger nails or toenails
  95. schizophasia
    split speech
  96. schizophrenia
    severe mental disorder in which thinking, emotions, and behavior are disturbed
  97. scoliosis
    lateral curvature of the spine
  98. skeletal
    pertaining to bones
  99. sternalgia (sternodynia)
    sternal pain
  100. sternopericardial
    pertaining to the sternum and the pericardium
  101. tarsi, tarsus, tarsal
    bones of the ankle (not including the tibia)
  102. tibia
    shin bone, medial to fibula
  103. tibiofibular
    pertaining to the tibia and fibula
  104. viscerostasis
    control of an organ
  105. xiphocostal
    pertaining to the xiphoid process and the ribs
  106. xiphoid (process)
    cartilage bony projection on the distal end of the sternum
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