Crime Analysis Final

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  1. Handling of charred documents
    • Found in fireplace: slide piece of heavy paper under charred paper and carefully place on a cushion of tissue in a rigid box.
    • Ashtray: place ashtray in a moveable container as to prevent sliding
  2. Handling of intact documents
    • Pre-label evidence container to avoid having to mark packaging materials with document enclosed.
    • Label not to bend, fold or stamp container
    • Soft tipped tweezers or gloves
  3. Qualities of exemplars
    • comparable
    • representative
    • adequate
    • non-dictate
    • victim
  4. Blood Spatter: Passive
    Falling, dripping
  5. Comparison of questioned documents
    Direct means of identifying an individual and many variables must be taken into account in handwriting comparison.
  6. Firearm examinations
    • Proximity testing
    • Fracture match
    • Speedometer Examinations
    • Number Restoration
  7. How to determine direction of blood spatter
    Lead edge of disruption
  8. Schedule II drugs
    • High potential for abuse
    • Has currently accepted medical use in US with severe restrictions
  9. Shoulder Guns
    • Shotgun - smooth bore
    • Rifle - barrel with lands and grooves
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