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  1. Name that bird.

    Canada Goose
  2. Name that bird

  3. Name that bird
  4. Name that bird
    American widgeon
  5. Name that bird
    Barrow's goldeneye

    (look for the un-common teardrop)
  6. Name that bird
    Bufflehead duck
  7. Name that bird
    Eurasian widgeon
  8. Name that bird

    Voice: Harsh, high-pitched cackle: kleek-kik-ik-ik-ik
    Bald eagle
  9. Name that bird

    Voice: Three-noted coo-COOO-cup
    Eurasian collared dove
  10. Name that bird
    Turkey vulture

    (In flight, look for a head)
  11. Name that bird

    Voice: Series of sharp, annoyed whistles

    (white markings look like a dead chicken...or a boomerang!)
  12. Name that bird

    Voice: Croaking cr-r-ruck or prruk
    Name that bird
    Common raven

    (rounded tail...)
  13. Name that bird

    Voice: Loud caw, caw, caw or cah or kahr
    American crow

    (flat tail...)
  14. Name that bird

    Voice: rasping zhreek zhreek
    Western scrub jay

    • -brownish back (needs to be scrubbed)
    • -no crest
    • -white stripe above eye
  15. Name that bird

    Voice: High, piping peep-peep or pit-pi-dit-pi-dit
    Also a high ki-dee

    Pygmy nuthatch

    (small, fat and fluffy)
  16. Name that bird

    Voice: Deep harsh croaks: frahnk, frahnk, frahnk
    Great blue heron
  17. Name that bird

    Wood duck

    "artist's favorite"
  18. Name that bird

    Ring-necked duck

    • -"nike swoosh"
    • -no real visible "ring" on neck
    • -males have purplish head in sunlight
  19. Name that bird

    American coot

    -not a duck!
  20. Name that bird

    Voice: Noisy, often heard at night. Loud, insistent kill-deeah, repeated; plaintive dee-ee (rising)

  21. Name that bird

    Calliope hummingbird
  22. Name that bird

    Voice: Asthmatic squeal, keeer-r-r (slurring downward)

    Red-tailed hawk

    -Nice shoulder pads!

    -red tail not always visible!
  23. Name that bird

    Voice: Loud shook-shook-shook or shack-shack-shack or wheck-wek-wek-wek or kwesh kwesh kwesh; harsh jjaairr. Can mimic hawks.
    Stellar's jay
  24. Name that bird

    Voice: Call higher, more nasal than White-breasted Nuthatch, ank or enk

    Red-breasted nuthatch

    -broad black line through eye with white line above it

    -underparts washed-rusty color
  25. Name that bird
    Violet-green swallow

    • -when flying, very dark wings and tail, white underbelly from "bow" to "stern"
  26. Name that bird
    American dipper

    -will find near water

    -dunkin' bird!

    -swims and dives for food
  27. Name that bird

    Voice: Short phrases, rising and falling, often prolonged. tyeep and tut-tut-tut.
    American robin

    • -seriously, if you don't know this one...drop the class. 
  28. Name that bird
    Mountain bluebird

    -all blue, or blue and white. sometimes very vivid

    -better posture than western spp.

    -"snow and sky": white and blue= MOUNTAINS
  29. Name that bird
    Western bluebird

    -rusty or "dirty" breast

    -"the old west was a dirty place..."
  30. Name that bird
    Black-billed magpie

    • -Vivid black and white, sometimes greenish tint in sunlight
    • -Straight, long tail
  31. Name that bird
    Clark's nutcracker

    • -light grey "cape"
    • -built like small crow
    • -large white patches in black wings and tail
  32. Name that bird

    NOTE: white stripe above eye

    Voice:a clear whistled fee-bee-bee or fee-ee-bee-bee. Also a tsick-a-zee-zee-zee.
    First notes usually higher
    Mountain chickadee


    -do not confuse with black-capped chickadee!
  33. Name that bird

    NOTE: conspicuous white rump and salmon red or golden yellow underwing flash

    Voice: Loud wick wick wick wick wick. Also a loud klee-yer and squeaky flick-a, flick-a.
    • Northern flicker
  34. Name that bird

    Voice: Harsh tseeeer; a whistled whooee. Also clear whistles, clicks and chuckles; often mimics other birds.
    European starling

    -landfill bird
  35. Name that bird
    Yellow warbler

    -bright yellow
  36. Name that bird
    Yellow-rumped warbler

    -butt-patch bird
  37. Name that bird

    Voice:variable series of notes, some musical, some buzzy. Usually starts with 3 or 4 bright repetitious notes, sweet sweet sweet. Call a low, nasal tchep.
    Song sparrow

    • -long, rounded tail
    • -heavy breast streaks
    • -often lacks central spot
  38. Name that bird
    Dark-eyed junco

    • -males have dark hood
    • -females and immature duller

    -"oregon" junco: most widespread spp.
  39. Name that bird

    Voice: Calls a loud check and a high, slurred tee-err. Song a liquid, gurgling konk-la-ree
    Red-winged blackbird

    -NOTE: drastic difference between male and females!
  40. Name that bird

    Brewer's blackbird

    • -some greenish reflections on body
    • -freaky eyes...too much brew!
  41. Name that bird

    Voice: Song bright and disjointed, often ends in nasal wheer. Musical

    House finch

    -note dark streaks on sides, just below folded wings

    -rump very red to orange to almost deep yellow
  42. Name that bird

    Voice:Call a loud chlee-ip; also a light tit-i-tit; a buzzy shreeeee. Coarse, wheezy.
    Pine siskin

    • -Often first detected by voice
    • -Heavily streaked with a touch of yellow in wings
  43. Name that bird
    House sparrow

    • -"Wal-mart bird"
    • -Black throat, white cheeks, chestnut nape
    • -females are much more plain
  44. Name that bird (not on list)

    Ruby-crowned kinglet
  45. Name that bird (not on list)

    White-crowned sparrow
  46. Name that bird (not on list)

    Townsend's solitaire
  47. Name that bird (not on list)

    Red-naped sapsucker
  48. Name that bird (not on list)

    Red-shafted northern flicker
  49. Name that bird (not on list)

    Golden-crowned sparrow
  50. Name that bird (not on list)

    NOTE: No red spot on nape

    Red-roped sapsucker
  51. Classification of birds

    What is the Kingdom, Phylum, Subphylum and Class of birds?
    • Kingdom: Animalia
    • Phylum: Chordata
    • Subphylum: Vertebrata
    • Class: Aves
  52. What are some characteristics of the class Aves?
    • Feathers
    • Endothermy
    • Egg-layers
  53. Name some adaptations for powered flight.
    • Feathers
    • Huge pectoral muscles
    • Keeled sternum
    • Hollow bones
    • Bone fusion
  54. What was the first bird fossil?
    Archeopteryx Lithographica
  55. What are some differences between birds and reptiles?

    • Are endothermic
    • Have a 4-chambered heart
    • Are feathered
    • Can fly
  56. In what Era and Period did birds first appear? How many years ago?
    • Era: Mesozoic
    • Period: Jurassic

    150 million years ago
  57. Name some ecosystem functions of birds.
    • Predators and Prey
    • Cavity creators
    • Pollinators and seed dispersers
    • Seed scarification
  58. What are some similarities between birds and reptiles?
    • Single condyle (skull)
    • Scales on legs
    • Nucleated red blood cells
    • Egg layers
  59. What are some human uses for birds?
    • Food
    • Feathers
    • Pest control
    • Guano
  60. Pelicans and allies are in what Order?
  61. Herons and allies are in what Order?
  62. Ducks, Geese and Swans (water fowl) are in what Order?
  63. Hawks, Eagles and Vultures (diurnal birds of prey) are in what Order?
  64. Chicken-like birds (fowl) are in what Order?
  65. Perching birds are in what Order?
  66. Cranes and Rails are in what Order?
  67. Gulls, shorebirds and allies are in what Order?
  68. Pigeons and Doves are in what Order?
  69. Owls are in what Order?
  70. Swifts and Hummingbirds are in what Order?
  71. Woodpeckers are in what Order?
  72. Name that bird (not on list)

    Cedar waxwing
  73. Name that bird (not on list)

  74. Name that bird

    VOICE: Hollow, mournful coah, cooo, cooo, cooo

    Mourning dove

  75. Name that bird

    VOICE: Three-syllable qua-quergo or Chi-cago

    California quail
  76. Name that bird.

    Common Merganser
  77. Name that bird.

    Spotted sandpiper
  78. Name that bird.
    VOICE: five or six resonant hoots: hu-hu-hu-hu, hoo! hoo!

    Great horned owl
  79. Name that bird.
    (Drumming sound)

    Ruffed grouse
  80. Name that bird.
    VOICE: Kingfisher-like rattle, run together more than that of downy woodpecker. Sharp peek!

    Hairy woodpecker
  81. Name that bird.

    Lewis's woodpecker
  82. Name that bird.

    Chipping sparrow
  83. Name that bird.

    Brown-headed cowbird
  84. Name that bird.

    Black-headed grosbeak
  85. Name that bird. (not on list)

    Gray jay
  86. Name that bird. (not on list)

    Vaux's swift

  87. Name that bird (not on list)

    Hermit warbler
  88. Name that bird (not on list)

    Townsend's warbler

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