Pronoun + Decir

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  1. You say to me
    me dices
  2. He says to me
    me dice
  3. We say to me
    me decimos
  4. They Say to me
    me dicen
  5. You said to me
    me dijiste
  6. He Said to me
    me dijo
  7. We said to me
    me dijimos
  8. They said to me
    me dijeron
  9. I say to you
    te digo
  10. He says to you
    te dice
  11. We say to you
    te decimos
  12. They Say to you
    te dicen
  13. I said to you
    te dije
  14. He Said to you
    te dijo
  15. We said to you
    te dijimos
  16. They said to you
    te dijeron
  17. I say to him/her
    le digo
  18. You say to him/her
    le dices
  19. We say to him/her
    le decimos
  20. They Say to him/her
    le dicen
  21. I said to him/her
    le dije
  22. You said to him/her
    le dijiste
  23. We said to him/her
    le dijimos
  24. They said to him/her
    le dijeron
  25. I say to us
    nos digo
  26. You say to us
    nos dices
  27. He says to us
    nos dice
  28. They Say to us
    nos dicen
  29. I said to us
    nos dije
  30. You said to us
    nos dijiste
  31. He Said to us
    nos dijo
  32. They said to us
    nos dijeron
  33. I say to them
    les digo
  34. You say to them
    les dices
  35. He says to them
    les dice
  36. We say to them
    les decimos
  37. I said to them
    les dije
  38. You said to them
    les dijiste
  39. He Said to them
    les dijo
  40. We said to them
    les dijimos
  41. I say it
    lo digo
  42. You say it
    lo dices
  43. He says it
    lo dice
  44. We say it
    lo decimos
  45. They Say it
    lo dicen
  46. I said it
    lo dije
  47. You said it
    lo dijiste
  48. He Said it
    lo dijo
  49. We said it
    lo dijimos
  50. They said it
    lo dijeron
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All the versions in present and proterito of a pronoun + decir
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