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  1. What is a tripartite chain?
    3 hormones released in sequence each influencing each other
  2. Where are FSH and LH released from?
    The anterior pituitary
  3. What hormones do the female gonads release?
    Progesterone and estradiol
  4. What hormones do the male gonads release?
  5. What hormones stimulate the gonads to produce steroids?
    FSH and LH
  6. What three hormones can be synthesized directly from cholesterol?
    • Cortisol
    • Progesterone
    • Androstenedione
  7. What is the action of aromatase?
    • Converts Androstenedione to Estrone
    • Converts Testosterone to Estradiol
  8. What enzyme converts testosterone to estradiol and Androstenedione to Estrone?
    • Aromatase
  9. Estrone can be converted to what hormones?
    • Estradiol
  10. Estradiol can be converted to what other hormone?
    • Estrone
  11. Genetic sex determines what?
    Gonadal sex
  12. Gonadal sex determines what?
    • Gonadal steroids
  13. Gonadal steroids determine what?
    • Anatomical, physiological and behavioral sex phenotype
  14. What gene is present on the Y chromosomes that determines male sex?
    • SRY gene
  15. What is the SRY gene?
    • Gene = Sex determining region of the Y chromosome
  16. At 6 weeks in utero, The primordial gonads differentiate into what organ in males?
    Fetal testes
  17. The fetal testes develop at what age in utero?
    6 weeks
  18. What cells in the testes produce testosterone?
    Leydig cells
  19. What hormone do the Leydig cells produce?
  20. What hormone does the Sertoli cells produce?
    Mullerian-inhibiting substance (MIS)
  21. What cells produce Mullerian inhibiting substance?
    • The sertoli cells
  22. Where are the Leydig cells located?

  23. Where are the sertoli cells located?
    • The testes
  24. What is the general action of Mullerian-inhibiting substance?
    • Regression/Suppresion of the Mullerian duct development
  25. Testosterone affects what Ducts in males in utero?
    • Wolffian ducts
  26. What effect does Testosterone have on the Wolffian Ducts?
    • It causes them to develop into the Epididymis
    • Vas Deferens
    • Seminal Vesicle
    • Ejaculatory ducts
  27. What organ develops into the Epididymis, Vas Deferens, Seminal Vesicles and Ejaculatory ducts?
    • The Wolffian ducts
  28. What hormone promotes the development of the penis, scrotum and prostate?
  29. What causes the primordial gonads to develop into the fetal testes?
    • Influence from the SRY gene

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BIOL 404 Exam Reproduction

BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 1
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