Spanish Common Verbs

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Spanish Common Verbs
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spanish verbs common

common spanish verbs
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  1. Aburrirse
    to be bored (IR)
  2. acabar
    to finish (AR)
  3. Acercarse
    to get close (AR)
  4. Aconsejar
    to advise (AR)
  5. Acordarse
    to remember (O -> UE)
  6. Afectar
    to affect (AR)
  7. Afeitar(se)
    to shave (oneself) (AR)
  8. Agradecer
    to thank for (C -> ZC)
  9. Aguantar
    to hold, support (AR)
  10. Ahorrar
    to save money or time (AR)
  11. Alcansarse
    to reach for (AR)
  12. Aliviarse
    to alleviate, relieve (AR)
  13. Añadir
    to add (IR)
  14. Aparecer
    to appear, seem to (C -> ZC)
  15. Apreter
    to grip, squeeze (E -> IE)
  16. Aprovechar(se)
    to take advantage of (AR)
  17. Arder(se)
    to burn, sting (ER)
  18. Arreglar
    to fix, arrange (AR)
  19. Asistir
    to attend (IR)
  20. Atravezar
    to cross (i.e. a street) (E -> IE)
  21. Averiguar
    to find out (AR Irregular)
  22. Avisar
    to advise, let know (AR)
  23. Barrer
    to sweep (ER)
  24. Bendear
    to bless (AR Irregular)
  25. Besar
    to kiss (AR)
  26. Caber
    to fit into (ER Irregular)
  27. Calentar
    to warm (E -> IE)
  28. Calmar(se)
    to calm (oneself) (AR)
  29. Cansarse
    to get tired (AR)
  30. Cepillarse
    to brush (i.e. teeth) (AR)
  31. Chocar
    to crash (i.e. a car) (AR)
  32. Coger
    to catch (ER)
  33. Colocar
    to place, put (AR)
  34. Compartir
    to share (IR)
  35. Componer
    to repair, compose (ER Irregular)
  36. Concebir
    to conceive (E -> I)
  37. Conducir
    to drive (C -> ZC)
  38. Confesar
    to confess (E -> IE)
  39. Consegir
    to get, obtain (E -> I)
  40. Contar
    to count (O -> UE)
  41. Contener
    to contain (ER Irregular)
  42. Contestar
    to answer (AR)
  43. Contribuir
    to contribute (IR Irregular)
  44. Corregir
    to correct (E -> I)
  45. Crecer
    to grow up (C -> ZC)
  46. Cumplir
    to complete, accomplish (IR)
  47. Defraudar
    to disappoint (AR)
  48. Dejar
    to stop, leave (AR)
  49. Deletrear
    to spell (AR)
  50. Demostrar
    to show (O -> UE)
  51. Depender de
    to depend on (ER)
  52. Descubrir
    to describe (IR)
  53. Desfrutar
    to enjoy (AR)
  54. Desinfectar
    to disinfect (AR)
  55. Desmayarse
    to faint (AR)
  56. Despedirse
    to say goodbye (E -> I)
  57. Destruir
    to destroy (IR Irregular)
  58. Detenerse
    to stop (ER Irregular)
  59. Devolver
    to return (O -> UE)
  60. Dibujar
    to draw (AR)
  61. Disminuir
    to decrease, cut down (IR)
  62. Doblar
    to bend (AR)
  63. Echar
    to throw (AR)
  64. Encender
    to turn on (E -> IE)
  65. Encontrar
    to find (O -> UE)
  66. Enfermarse
    to become sick (AR)
  67. Enjuágarse
    to rinse (oneself) (AR)
  68. Entregar
    to deliver (AR)
  69. Escoger
    to choose, select (ER)
  70. Escupir
    to spit (IR)
  71. Esterilizar
    to sterilize (AR)
  72. Exponerse
    to expose onself (Irregular)
  73. Extrañar
    to miss (AR)
  74. Eyacular
    to ejaculate (AR)
  75. Flegar
    to scrub (AR)
  76. Fracasar
    to fail (AR)
  77. Gastar
    to spend money (AR)
  78. Gritar
    to scream, shout (AR)
  79. Guardar
    to keep, put away (AR)
  80. Haber
    there is, there are (Irregular)
  81. Herir
    to injure (E -> IE)
  82. Hervir
    to boil (E -> IE)
  83. Huir
    to escape, run away (IR Irregular)
  84. Imaginar
    to imagine (AR)
  85. Indicar
    to indicate (AR)
  86. Influir
    to influence (IR Irregular)
  87. Irse
    to go away (Irregular)
  88. Jurar
    to swear (to God) (AR)
  89. Lastimar(se)
    to hurt (oneself) (AR)
  90. Ligar
    to ligate, tie (AR)
  91. Llegar
    to arrive (AR)
  92. Llenar
    to fill (AR)
  93. Llevar
    to carry, take to (AR)
  94. Llover
    to rain (O -> UE)
  95. Malestar
    to have discomfort (AR)
  96. Mandar
    to send, command (AR)
  97. Matar
    to kill (AR)
  98. Medir
    to measure (E -> I)
  99. Memorizar
    to memorize (AR)
  100. Mentir
    to lie (E -> IE)
  101. Merecer
    to deserve, merit (C -> ZC)
  102. Meter
    to put in (ER)
  103. Montar
    to ride (i.e. bike, horse) (AR)
  104. Morder
    to bite (O -> UE)
  105. Mostrar
    to show (O -> UE)
  106. Negar
    to deny (E -> IE)
  107. Nevar
    to snow (E -> IE)
  108. Notar
    to notice (AR)
  109. Obedecer
    to obey (C -> ZC)
  110. Ocurrir
    to happen, occur (IR)
  111. Ofrecer
    to offer (C -> ZC)
  112. Oler
    to smell (ER Irregular)
  113. Padecer
    to suffer (ER)
  114. Pararse
    to stand on, get on (AR)
  115. Parer
    to detain (AR)
  116. Parir
    to give birth (IR)
  117. Pasear
    to go for an outing (AR)
  118. Pedir
    to ask for (something) (E -> I)
  119. Pegar
    to give (something), hit/punch (AR)
  120. Pelearse
    to fight (AR)
  121. Pertenecer
    to belong to (C -> ZC)
  122. Pinchar
    to prick (AR)
  123. Portarse
    to behave (AR)
  124. Poseer
    to have, possess (ER)
  125. Preguntar
    to ask for (information) (AR)
  126. Prender
    to turn on, light (ER)
  127. Presionar
    to press (i.e. button) (AR)
  128. Prestar
    to lend (AR)
  129. Prevenir
    to prevent (Irregular)
  130. Prometer
    to promise (ER)
  131. Proteger
    to protect (ER)
  132. Pujar
    to push (i.e. labor) (AR)
  133. Quebrar
    to break (E -> IE)
  134. Quedarse
    to stay, remain (AR)
  135. Recoger
    to pick up (ER)
  136. Reconocer
    to recognize (C -> CZ)
  137. Regan~ar
    to discipline (AR)
  138. Reirse
    to laugh (E -> I)
  139. Repasar
    to review (AR)
  140. Reposar
    to rest (AR)
  141. Retrasarse
    to be delayed (AR)
  142. Robar
    to rob (AR)
  143. Rogar
    to beg (O -> UE)
  144. Roncar
    to snore (AR)
  145. Sacudir
    to shake, dust (IR)
  146. Saltar
    to jump (AR)
  147. Salvar
    to save (a life) (AR)
  148. Sanar
    to heal (AR)
  149. Seguir
    to follow (E -> I)
  150. Sembrar
    to plant (E -> IE)
  151. Sonar
    to ring (O -> UE)
  152. Soñar
    to dream (O -> UE)
  153. Sonreirse
    to smile (E -> I)
  154. Sospechar
    to suspect (AR)
  155. Sustituir
    to substitute (IR Irregular)
  156. Temblar
    to shake (E -> IE)
  157. Tener razon
    to be right (ER Iregular)
  158. Tirar
    to throw (AR)
  159. Torcerse
    to twist (O -> UE)
  160. Tragar
    to swallow (AR)
  161. Tratar de
    to try to (AR)
  162. Usar
    to use, wear (AR)
  163. Vacunar
    to vaccinate (AR)
  164. Vendar
    to bandage (AR)
  165. Verse
    to seem, look like (Irregular)
  166. Volar
    to fly (O -> UE)
  167. Volver(se)
    to go back, turn over (O -> UE)

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