BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 2

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  1. Do females have an SRY gene?
  2. At about 6 weeks, primordial gonads in females develop into what?
    Fetal ovaries
  3. The absence of Testosterone in a female in utero causes regression of what?
    Wolffian ducts
  4. Why do Wolffian ducts regress in females in utero?
    No testosterone
  5. The absence of Mullerian inhibiting substance allows for what female organs to develop?
    • Uterus
    • Fallopian Tubes
    • Inner vagina
  6. The absence of what hormone allows the outer vagina and female external genitalia to develop?
  7. When a fetus lacks stimulation from the SRY gene, what happens to the primordial gonads?
    They develop into fetal ovaries
  8. When does the initial stage reproductive development begin and end?
    • Begins during fetal life
    • Ends in the first year of life = infancy
  9. What hormones are secreted during and control the initial stage of reproductive development?
    • GnRH
    • GnH
  10. The FSH and LHG have the same targets (T/F)?
  11. What is unique about the feedback signals in the female reproductive system?
    They can be positive or negative depending on their levels in the blood
  12. What the role of the adrenal gland in reproductive development?
    Production of Sex steroids: Progesterone and Androstenedione
  13. What sex hormones are prevalent during fetal life, infancy and prepubesense?
    • Progesterone
    • Androstenedione
  14. What organ produces Progesterone and Androstenedione?
    The adrenal gland
  15. What sex hormones predominate after menopause?
    Progesterone and Androstenedione
  16. Female hormones are known collectively as what?
  17. Male hormones are known collectively as what?
  18. Where is estradiol secreted?
    The ovaries
  19. Where would you find Aromatase?
    In the testes or ovaries
  20. What is the general action of aromatase?
    To convert Androgens to estrogens
  21. What enzyme converts androgens to estrogens?
  22. When does most sex differentiation occur in utero?
    6 weeks
  23. What is the end effect of the SRY gene?
    Causes the differentiation of the gonads and the inhibition of either Mullarian or Wolffian ducts and the production of MIS and Testosterone
  24. What sex ducts do fetuses in utero have (both female and male)?
    Both male and females have Mullarian and Wolffian ducts prior to 6 weeks of gestation
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