BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 4

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  1. Testis is producing what?
    Hormones and Gametes
  2. Where is the major place where sperm is stored?
    Vas deferens
  3. What does the prostate and bulbourethral gland produce?
    Lubricant for ejaculation
  4. For sperm in the testes to reach the Vas Deferens, what other organ must they pass through?
    The epididymis (efferent ductules)
  5. Spermatozoa move from the seminiferous tubules to what other testes region before entering the epididymis?
  6. What happens during the movement of sperm to the vas deferens?
    • Concentration of fluids
    • Reabsorption of defective sperm
  7. Where are maturing sperm found?
    Lumen of seminiferous tubules
  8. Where are sertoli cells located within the testis?
    In the seminiferous tubules
  9. What is the function of sertoli cells?
    To nurture the developing gametes
  10. What cells in the testis nurture the developing gametes?
    Sertoli cells
  11. Where are the leydig cells found within the testis?
    In the interstitial spaces between seminiferous tubules
  12. What is the main purpose of leydig cells?
    Androgen production
  13. What cells are responsible for producing most of the androgens in the testis?
    Leydig cells
  14. What cells in the testis are affected by FSH?
    Sertoli cells
  15. What cells in the Testis are affected by LH?
    Leydig cells
  16. What stimulating hormone acts on the leydig cells?
  17. What stimulating hormone acts on the sertoli cells?
  18. Describe the first division of Meiosis?
    Reductionary (2n to n)
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