Micro Test 3

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  1. Are algae motile?
    Some are
  2. How do algae reproduce? How is this different from bacteria?
    Asexually: binary fission and sporulation and Sexually: involves fusion of gamates and conjugation
  3. What is diatomaceous earth and where do you find it?
    Consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a hard shelled algae. The white cliffs of Dover
  4. What types of algae are used in food?
    red, brown and green
  5. What is the connection between agar and algae?
    its derived from red algae
  6. What is red tide and who is responsible for it?
    caused by an increase in dinoflagellates which produce a neurotoxin that accumulates in some seafood and kills some of the larger marine life.
  7. Are algae haploid or diploid?
    They switch between the two
  8. In what kingdoms are algae included?
  9. What is the environmental importance of algae?
    It produces 80% of the world oxygen
  10. What is the difference between fungal spores and bacterial endospores?
    a fungal spore helps with reproduction and bacterial endospores protect the bacterial DNA from destruction by conditions or substances in the environment
  11. What is the difference between asexual and sexual spores?
    Asexual is when a single fungus reproduces by formation of spores by itself. But if two fungi of the same species come together they act sexually and form a zygote.
  12. What environmental role do Fungi play?
    They are decomposers of organic material such as trees and leaves
  13. Define hyphae
    Each of the branching filaments that make up the mycelium of fungus
  14. Define mycelium
    the vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of fine white filaments (hyphae)
  15. Define thallus
    the entire vegetative structure or body of a fungus, lichen or alga
  16. Define coenocytic
    a fungal filament that is not divided into uninucleate cell-like units because it lacks septa
  17. Are fungi motile?
  18. What are some of the benefits/products derived from fungus?
    Benefits of fungi are pencellin, cheese, used in organ transplants, soy sauce.
  19. What are some of the infections of fungus?
    athletes foot, and carcinogens cause liver cancer
  20. What are the four fungal divisions and what types of sexual spores do they have?
    Zygomycota (zygospores), Ascomycota (ascospores), Basidiomycota (basidospores) and Deuteromyota
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Algae Fungus
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