Muscle Tissue

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  1. Plasma membrane of a muscle fiber
  2. Cytoplasm of a muscle fiber.
  3. Threadlike structures that run lengthwise though a fiber.
  4. Thick filaments of the myofibril composed of myosin.
    Myosin filament
  5. Thin filaments of the myofibril composed of actin.
    Actin filament
  6. Contractile unit of a muscle fiber
  7. Dark region of the sarcomere that consists mostly of thick filaments and portions of the thin filaments that overlap the thick filaments.
    A Band
  8. Light region of the sarcomere that contains thin filaments but no thick filaments.
    I Band
  9. Region in the center of the A band of a sarcomere consisting of only thick filaments.
    H zone
  10. Dense material separating neighboring sarcomeres.
    Z disc/line
  11. Center of the H zone formed by proteins that connect adjacent thick filaments.
    M line
  12. Similar to the endoplasmic reticulum of the non-muscle cells responsible for storing calcium ions in relaxed muscle fibers.
    Sarcoplasmic reticulum
  13. Infoldings of sarcolemma that run perpendicular to and connect to the sarcoplasmic reticulum. open to the outside of muscle fiber
    Transverse tubules
  14. Cytoplasm of the muscle fiber
  15. Several in each muscle fiber lying close to the sarcolemma - skeletal muscle
  16. Alternating dar and light bands in each muscle fiber
  17. Fibrous connective tissue that surrounds the entire skeletal muscle.
  18. Fibrous connective tissue that surrounds a bundle (fasicle) of muscle fibers.
  19. Fibrous connective tissue surrounding individual muscle fibers
  20. This muscle has long, striated cells with multiple nuclei.
    skeletal muscle
  21. This muscle type function: contraction for voluntary muscles.
    Skeletal Muscle
  22. This muscle has branching, striated cells fused at plasma membranes, each with the single nucleus
    Cardiac Muscle
  23. This muscle type function: pumping blood though the circulatory system.
    Cardiac Muscle
  24. This muscle has long, spindle-shaped cells, each with a single nucleus.
    smooth muscle
  25. This muscle type is found in hollow organs.
    Smooth muscle
  26. This muscle types function:involuntary contraction of muscle though internal passageways.
    smooth muscle
  27. Epicranius is made up of which two muscles?
    frontalis and occipitalis (forehead and back of head)
  28. Orbicularis oculi
  29. Orbicularis oris
  30. Buccinator (think buccal swab)
  31. zygomaticus (major and minor)
  32. Platysma
  33. Masseter
  34. temporalis
  35. sternocledomastoid
  36. splenius capitis
  37. levator labii superioris alaeque nasi
  38. risorius
  39. depressor anguli oris
  40. depressor labii inferioris
  41. nasalis
  42. mentalis
  43. frontalis
  44. trapezius
  45. Rhomboid Major
  46. levator scapulea
  47. Rhomboid Minor
  48. Serratus anterior
  49. Pectoralis minor
  50. coracobrachailalis
  51. pectoralis major
  52. teres major
  53. teres minor
  54. latissimus dorsi
  55. Supraspinatus
  56. Infraspinatus
  57. external oblique
  58. internal oblique
  59. transversus abdominus
  60. rectus abdominus
  61. biceps brachii
  62. brachialis
  63. brachioradialis
  64. triceps brachii
  65. supinator
  66. pronator teres
  67. pronator quadratus
  68. flexor carpi radialis
  69. flexor carpi ulnaris
  70. palmaris longus
  71. flexor digitorum profundus
  72. flexor digitorum superficialis
  73. extensor carpi radialis longus
  74. extensor carpi radialis brevis
  75. extensor carpi ulnaris
  76. extensor digitorum

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Muscle Tissue
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Muscle Tissue

Muscle Tissue
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