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  1. Aggravated assault
    AN attack on another person in which the perp. inflicts serious harm on the victim or uses a deadly weapon
  2. Assault
    An unlawful offer or attempt with force or violence to do a corporal hurt to another or to frighten another
  3. Battery
    A common law crime consisting of the intentional touching of or inflicting of hurt on another
  4. Federal Witness Protection Program
    established under the organized crime control act of 1970, designed to protect witnesses who testify in court by relocating them and assigning to them new identities
  5. Felony murder
    The imposition of criminal liability for murder upon one who participates in the commission of a felony that us dangerous to life and that causes the death of another
  6. Homicide
    the killing of one person by another
  7. Involuntary Manslaughter
    Homicide in which the perp. unintentionally by recklessly causes the death of another person by consciously taking a grave risk that endangers the person's life.
  8. Justifiable homicide
    A homicide, permitted by law, in which defense of a legal right or mandate
  9. Kidnapping
    A felony consisting of the seizure and abduction of a person by force or threat of force and against the victims will. under federal law, the victim of a kidnapping is one who has been taken across state lines and held for ranson
  10. Mafia
    The entirety of those Sicilian families which, both the US and Sicily, are loosely associated with one another in operating organized crime
  11. Malice aforethought
    The mens rea requirement for murder, consisting of the intention to kill with the awareness that there is no right to kill
  12. Manslaughter
    Criminal homicide without malice, committed intentionally after provocation or reacklessly
  13. Mass Murder
    The killing of several persons, in one act or transaction, by one perp. or a group of perps.
  14. Murder
    The unlawful killing of a human being with malice afterthought
  15. Negligent homicide
    A homicide designation used by some states to differentiate between involuntary manslaughter and situations in which the offender assumed a lesser risk.
  16. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO)
    A federal statute that provides for forfeiture of assets derived from a criminal enterprise
  17. Rape
    At common law, a felony consisting of the carnal knowledge, by force and violence, by a man of a woman against her will. The stipulation that the woman not be the man;s wife is omitted in modern statutes. (sexual assault)
  18. Robbery
    The taking of the property of another, or out of his or her presence  by means of force and violence or the threat of thereof
  19. Serial Murder
    The killing of several victims over a period of time by the same perp.
  20. Simple Assault
    An attack that inflicts little or no physical harm on the victim
  21. Sociopaths
    Persons who have no sense of responsibility; she disregard for truth' are insincere; and feel no sense of shame, guilt, or humiliation.
  22. Stranger Homicide
    Criminal homicide committed by a person unknown and unrelated to the victim
  23. Terrorism
    The use of violence against a target to create fear, or coercion for the purpose of obtaining concessions or rewards or commanding public attention for political cause.
  24. Victim precipitation
    opening oneself up, by either direct or subliminal means, to a criminal response.
  25. Voluntary manslaughter
    Homicide in which the perp intentionally, but without malice, causes the death of another person, as in the hear of passion, in response to a strong provocation, or possibly under severe intoxication
  26. Arson
    The malicious buring of the dweeling house of another, or even personal property
  27. Burglary
    a felony; the nighttime breaking and entering of the dwelling house of another, with the intention to commit a crime
  28. Check Forging
    making or altering a check with intent ti defraud
  29. Confidence Games
    a deceptive means of obtaining money or property from a victim, who is led to trust the perp
  30. false pretenses
    leading a victim to part with property on a voluntary basis through trickery, deceit  or misrepresentation
  31. Fence
    A receiver of stolen property who resells the goods for profit
  32. Fraud
    An act of trickery or deceit
  33. High-tech Crime
    The pursuit of illegal activities through the use of advanced electronic media
  34. Shoplifting
    stealing goods from stores
  35. Bankruptcy fraud
    A scam in which an individual falsely attempts to claim bankruptcy by taking advantage of existing laws.
  36. Boiler rooms
    operations run by one or more stock manipulators who, through deception and misleading sales techniques  seduce the unsuspecting and uniformed public into buying stocks in obscure and often poorly financed corps.
  37. Churning
    Frequent trading, by a broker, of a clients shares of stock for the sole purpose of generating large commissions.
  38. Compliance programs
  39. Consumer fraud
    An act the causes a consumer to surrender money through deceit or a misrepresentation of a material fact
  40. Corporate crime
    A crime attributed to a corp. but perpetrated by or on the authority of an officer or higher position
  41. Corporate ethos
    corp  culture or character and its effect in the actions of the org.
  42. Corporate policy
    standards and decisions of a corp that produce policies resulting in law abidance or law violation
  43. Corporate due diligence
  44. Disgorgement
  45. Embezzlement
    the crime of withholding or withdrawing  without consent, funds entrusted to an agent.
  46. Insider trading
    the use of material nonpublic financial info to obtain an unfair advantage in trading securities
  47. Occupational crimes
    crimes committed by an individual for his or her own benefit in the course if performing a perfession
  48. Proactive corporate faults
    The failure of a corp. to prevent ethical or legal violations.
  49. Reactive corporate fraud
    The failure of a corp to respond responsibly to the discovery of an ethical or legal violation.
  50. Sherman Antitrust Act
    1980, congress prohibiting any contact  conspiracy  or combination of business interesting in restraint of foreign or interstate.
  51. Stock manipulation
    An illegal practice of brokers in which clients are led to believe that the price of a particular stick will rise, thus creating an artificial demand for it.
  52. Vicarious liability
    The imputation of liability from an agent to a principal. employee to a employer
  53. Whistle-blower
    An employee, or interested party, who reports corporate illegalities to authorities
  54. White-collar crime
    A sociological concept encompassing any violation of the law committed by a person or group of persons in the course of an otherwise respected and legitimate occupation or business enterprise.
  55. Money laundering
    The process by which money derived from illegal activities is unlawfully taken out of the country, placed in a numbered account abroad, and then transferred as funds no longer dirty
  56. Pimp
    A procurer or manager of prostitutes who provides access to prostitutes and protects and exploits them, living off their proceeds.
  57. Pornography
    The portrayal  by whatever means, of lewd or obscene material prohibited by law
  58. Prostitution
    The practice of engaging in sexual activities for hire
  59. Sodomy
    Sexual intercourse by mouth or anus; a felony at common law
  60. Statutory rape
    Sexual intercourse with a person incapable of giving legally relevant consent because of immature or mental or physical condition
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