BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 7

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  1. What type of anabolism does testosterone cause?
    • Muscle increase
    • Bone growth
  2. When testosterone is converted to estrogen, what happens?
    Cessation of bone growth
  3. What stimulates the cessation of bone growth?
    Testosterone conversion to estrogen
  4. In women what hormone stimulates sex drive?
    • Same as men
    • Testosterone
  5. What hormone stimulates the secretion of erythropoietin (by the kidneys)?
  6. What effect does testosterone have on the kidneys?
    Stimulates secretion of erythropoietin
  7. Why do males usually have a higher hematoicrit?
    Because testosterone stimulates the secretion erythropoietin
  8. FSH affects Sertoli cells stimulating spermatogenesis and the release of what other hormone?
  9. What does Inhibin target?
    FSH production
  10. Does Inhibin act on LH and FSH?
    No only FSH
  11. The testosterone produced by the Leydig cells has local or systemic effects?
  12. What inhibits LH?
  13. What binds to testosterone in the blood?
    • Sex steroid binding protein
    • Albumins
  14. What effect does testosterone hae on the anterior pituitary?
    Inhibits LH and some effect on FSH
  15. What hormones provide negative feedback to the hypothalamus inhibiting sex steroid secretion?
    • Testosterone
    • FSH
    • LH
  16. Secondary sex characteristics are due to what hormone?
  17. What is vasodilation of the penis caused by?
    Nitric oxide release
  18. What does Nitric oxide cause?
  19. Other nitric oxide, what other excitatory influences act on the penis?
    • Senses (emotions, thoughts, smells, sights)
    • Mechanoreceptors on the end of the penis
  20. What is a potent vasodilator that stimulates erection?
    Nitric oxide
  21. What type of drugs can aid Nitric oxide?
    Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5)
  22. What do phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors do?
    Aid nitric oxide in vasodilation of the penis
  23. What is the action of sympathetic neurons during male excitation?
    Reduced sympathetic activity
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