Art Explorations Final

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  1. color wheel
    poster used to study color theory
  2. spectrum
    order of colors on the color wheel
  3. three properties of color
    hue, value (tint/shade), intensity
  4. hue
    name of a color
  5. value
    degree of lightness or darkness
  6. tint
    any color with white added
  7. shade
    any color with black added
  8. intensity
    purity of a color
  9. three basic groups into which colors on wheel are divided
    primary, secondary, intermediate/tertiary
  10. primary colors
    can not be created from other colors; combinations of them create all other colors (red, yellow, blue)
  11. secondary colors
    mixture of two primary colors in equal amounts (orange, green, violet)
  12. intermediate/tertiary colors
    mixture of primary color and secondary color (yellow-orange, red-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, red-violet, blue-violet)
  13. five basic color harmonies
    complementary, split-complementary, analogous, triad, monochromatic
  14. complementary
    colors opposite each other on wheel
  15. split-complementary
    three colors; one hue plus 2 colors directly adjacent to its complement
  16. analogous
    colors near each other on wheel
  17. triad
    three equidistant colors on wheel (primary/secondary colors)
  18. monochromatic
    relationship using tints and shades of one color
  19. neutral colors
    black, white, gray
  20. warm colors
    associated with hot things in nature (red, yellow, orange)
  21. cool colors
    associated with cool things in nature (blue, green, violet)
  22. line
    path of moving point; can be straight, curved, delicate, bold, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, etc.
  23. shape
    2D area taking up space
  24. form
    3D volume taking up space
  25. geometric
    can be defined by mathematical measurements
  26. organic
    freeform; occur in nature
  27. texture
    nature of a surface
  28. real texture
    how art feels
  29. implied texture
    how art looks like it feels
  30. space
    area in art (positive/negative)
  31. positive
    objectives/shapes purposely placed in art
  32. negative
    space between positive shapes (background)
  33. balance
    even importance in areas of artwork
  34. symmetrical
    same on both sides
  35. asymmetrical
    both sides different but eqaul
  36. movement
    traveling of the viewer's eye when looking at art
  37. rhythm
    regular/irregular beat caused in art by repetition
  38. contrast
    things that are sharply different
  39. emphasis
    focus/point of emphasis; where eye goes first
  40. pattern
    repeating shapes, lines, colors over and over
  41. unity
    pulling the whole composition of an artwork together
  42. functional art
    useful as well as "beautiful"
  43. nonfunctional art
    made purely for aesthetic "beauty"
  44. composition
    overall design; whole piece of artwork
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