Philosophy 006 | Chapter 7 - More fallacies

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  1. Two wrongs make a right
    attempts to justify a bad action on the basis of another bad action
  2. Fallacy of composition
    to believe because individual parts posses certain characteristics, the whole must posses the same characteristics
  3. Fallacy of division
    to believe because the whole possesses characteristic, individual part must posses it too
  4. Ad hominem
    attacks the person making the argument in attempt to refute them and their argument
  5. Personal attack ad hominem
    insults or degrades person making the argument
  6. Inconsistency ad hominem
    uses perceived inconsistency about an arguers actions or beliefs in attempt to refute an argument
  7. Circumstantial ad hominem
    uses the circumstances of a person to refute an argument
  8. Genetic fallacy
    reject an argument bases upon its origins
  9. Poisoning the well
    any ad hominem before the argument is heard
  10. Straw man
    makes a weaker distorted version of argument; refutes it and claims to have successfully refuted the original version
  11. False dilemma
    claim that only two options exist and one has to be chosen, when in reality there are more than two options
  12. Perfectionist fallacy
    there are only two options: one that works perfectly or there isn't one at all
  13. Line drawing fallacy
    clearly define a vague concept or dismiss it
  14. Slippery slope
    assumes that A > B > C > D and D is bad, so don't do A
  15. Misplacing the burden of proof
    put the burden for proving a position on opposing side
  16. Initial plausibility
    the less likely the claim is to be true bears the burden
  17. Affirmative
    easier to prove an affirmative claim than a negative one
  18. Special circumstances
    stipulates where the burden lies
  19. Appeal to ignorance
    lack of evidence for opposing claim to become evidence
  20. Begging the question
    circular reasoning
  21. Argumentutum Ad Nauseum
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