dentures3 max mand relation

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  1. wax rim purpose
    • VDO
    • occlusal plane
    • lip & cheek contour
    • orient incisal plane & midline
    • ID position of max teeth
    • facebow transfer medium
  2. record base polymerization req
    • pressure pot:
    • 20 psi
    • 110 F water
    • 10-15 minutes

    or overturn mixing bowl
  3. record base materials
    • tray resin: brittle but accurate
    • light cure resin: brittle but accurate & expensive
    • autopolymerizing acrylic resin: strong but less accurate
  4. mandible cast landmarks
    • midpoint of retromolar pad
    • ridge crest lines
  5. maxilla cast landmarks
    • incisive papilla
    • midline
    • anterior land
  6. record base requirements
    • palate 1-2mm thick
    • well adapted to tissue
    • roughened ridge areas
    • thin labial to ridge
    • lingual reinforced but concave
    • retromolar pad covered
    • no porosity or voids on tissue surface
    • flanges smooth and rounded
    • no excess flash on land
    • no rocking on cast & reasonably retentive
  7. wax rims reqs
    • thickness:
    • 8mm molar
    • 6mm premolar
    • 3mm anterior
    • plane parallel to occlusal plane
    • laterally project anterior just beyond outer edge of land of cast
    • lingual contours not impinge on tongue space
    • labial and lingual surfaces smooth and no voids
    • posterior should be tapered to avoid retromolar pad
    • anterior curvature must simulate edentulous arch
  8. 3rd clinical appointment
    • face bow
    • VDO, VDR
    • CR
    • select teeth
  9. ideal record base characteristics
    • rigidity
    • accuracy to master cast and patient
    • smooth and rounded borders
    • thickness resembles final dentures
  10. facebow record
    records orientation of maxilla to terminal hinge axis

    provide same relative opening axis on the articulator as the maxilla to TMJ
  11. posterior palatal seal on cast
    • line 1mm anterior to posterior extension of denture
    • 2nd line anterior in butterfly pattern
    • do not extend to tuberosity or torus
    • carve with discoid cleoid 1mm deep, feathered to hamular notch
  12. wax rim try in
    • mark midline
    • make parallel to camper's plane & interpupillary line
    • 1-2mm below lip line at rest
    • measure incisal edge to incisive papilla distance
    • notch
    • bite fork w/aluwax
    • 43mm above lateral incisor
  13. VDR/VDO technique
    • place pt upright
    • mark tip of nose & chin on greatest height of curvature (unstrained)
    • moisten lips, swallow, relax jaw
    • mmm sounds, relax
    • open wide relax
    • record VDR
    • VDO:
    • moisten lips and relax
    • closest speaking space: s sounds 60-70
    • insert mandibular record and have patient close on back teeth
  14. closest speaking space
    • final test if vertical dimensions are correct
    • s sounds 60-70
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