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  1. Safe minimum kcal for weight loss for women
    1200-1500 kcal/day
  2. safe minimum kcal for weight loss for men
    1500-1800 kcal/day
  3. Define appetite
    the desire to eat food
  4. define hunger
    the physical sensation for food
  5. Define satiety
    condition of being full or gratified beyond the point of satisfaction
  6. Which vitamin is made by the healthy bacteria in the GI tract?
    • Vitamin K 
    • bacteria synthesizes vitamin K2
  7. Which vitamin is made in the skin by sunlight?
    Vitamin D
  8. Which vitamin is easily destroyed by light?
    Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
  9. Which vitamin is especially needed for protein metabolism?
    Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
  10. Which vitamin is only found in animal products?
    Vitamin B12
  11. Which vitamin functions like a hormone?
    Vitamin D
  12. Which vitamin has been taken in large doses to treat PMS?
    Vitamin B6
  13. Which vitamin is needed for blood clotting?
    vitamin k
  14. which vitamin prevents neural tube defects in infants?
    folate (folic acid)
  15. Which vitamin deficiency is produced by binding with a protein in raw egg whites?
    • Biotin deficiency
    • Avidin is the protein in raw egg whites
  16. which vitamin is needed to make coenzyme A?
    Pantathoic acid
  17. Which vitamin required intrinsic factor (IF) for absorption?
    Vitamin B12 combines with IF in the stomach
  18. which vitamin overdose can produce numbness in the hands and feet?
    Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
  19. Which vitamin is found abundantly in vegetable oils?
    Vitamin E
  20. Which vitamin is needed for vision?
    vitamin A
  21. Name the two amino acids which are highly toxic in large doses
    • Vitamin A (most toxic)
    • Vitamin D
  22. What vitamin is most easily destroyed?
    vitamin C
  23. which category of vitamins function primarily as coenzymes in the body?
    B vitamins
  24. Which vitamin deficiency produces 4 symptoms that all start with the letter D? What are the 4 symptoms?
    • Vitamin B3 (niacin)
    • Dermatitis, Dementia, Diarrhea, Death
  25. What 3 vitamins function as antioxidants?
    Vitamin A, C, and E
  26. Which vitamin in large doses masks the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency?
  27. which vitamin in excess causes flushing of the skin?
    Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
  28. Which vitamin produces the deficiencies Rickets and Osteomalacia?
    Vitamin D
  29. Name the protein that is made when there is adequate A. Protein made when vitamin A is lacking?
    • Mucous
    • Keratin
  30. which vitamin in large doses causes faulty diabetes urine testing, gout, and kidney stones?
    vitamin C
  31. Which vitamin can be made from the amino acid tryptophan? Which other vitamins are needed for this conversion?
    • Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
    • Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2 (FAD) and B6
  32. which vitamin is needed in greater amounts during rapid periods of growth due to its role in cell division?
  33. which vitamin produces a
    rebound deficiency when a high intake is suddenly stopped?
    vitamin C
  34. name the vitamin needed for collagen synthesis
    vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  35. which vitamin deficiency leads to degeneration of the nervous system, paralysis, and death?
  36. which vitamin toxicity causes calcification of the soft tissues?
    vitamin D
  37. which vitamin deficiency commonly occurs in
    newborn infants, and is prevented by an injection shortly after birth. Describe why this vitamin deficiency is common?
    • Vitamin K
    • due to poor placental transfer of vitamin K, a
    • sterile GI tract at birth, and low amounts of vitamin K in breast milk
  38. which vitamin enhances the absorption of iron? Of calcium?
    • vitamin C
    • vitamin D
  39. which vitamin deficiency results in poor wound healing?
    vitamin C
  40. which vitamin toxicity causes brain tumor like symptoms?
    vitamin A
  41. which vitamin deficiency may occur in premature infants? why?
    • Vitamin E
    • they dont have a chance to make it in utero
  42. what vitamin is available by prescription only?
    vitamin K
  43. What is xerosis?
    dry patches on the eye
  44. What binds with Avadin? Where is it found?
    • Biotin
    • egg whites
  45. Retinol is used for what?
  46. Retinal is used for what?
  47. Retinoaic acid is used for what?
  48. How much extra folate does a pregnant woman need?
    400 U
  49. Can you get rid of fat cells?
    No you can only make them shrink
  50. What effects does scurvy have on the body?
    muscle weakness, swollen bleeding gums, impaired wound healing, loose teeth, anemia
  51. what is the other name for Vitamin C?
    Ascorbic acid
  52. What is an energy balance?
    When your kcal intake is equal to your needs
  53. Difference between Negative energy balance and Positive energy balance?
    • Positive is taking in more kcal than you need
    • Negative is taking in less kcal than you need
  54. what is Bioelectrical Impediance? Problem with this?
    • Send low grade electrical current throughout body to assess fat amount. 
    • Could be effected by hydration status
  55. What is a safe rate of weight loss?
    1-2 lbs per week
  56. Key points from frontline fat video?
    • People go to unrealistic measures to be thin
    • People view overweight people as lazy
    • The desire to be thin starts at a very early age
  57. What is the fat cell theory?
    • We grow the fat cells during gestational infancy and aldolescence
    • When they reach maximum size they make more fat cells
    • You can't get rid of them, only shrink them
  58. Set point theory?
    Hypothalamus has a set point or % of body fat that it is going to maintain and it is really hard to get rid of it
  59. How do you calculate the ideal body weight for men and women using the the Hamwi equation?
    • Women: Start at 5ft =100 lbs and for each inch add 5 lbs. 
    • Men: Start at 5ft =106 lbs and add 6 lbs for every inch
  60. Define overweight
    • 10% or more above IBW
    • Weight exceeds standard based on height
    • BMI 25-29.9
  61. Define obese
    • 20% or more above IBW
    • Body fatness above the ideal
    • BMI >30
  62. define morbid obesity
    • 100 pounds above IBW
    • Body weight 100% above ideal
    • BMI >40
  63. is obesity chronic or acute?
  64. List some problems with the BMI chart
    • Doesn't take muscle into concideration
    • raises insurance rates
  65. what is anthropomatry? what kind of fat does it measure?
    • The skin fold test!
    • measures only the subcutaneous fat
  66. How many kcals do you need to eliminate to lose 1 lb a week? 2 lbs?
    • 3500 kcal/week    or    500 kcal/day
    • double it
  67. What is one most likely losing with very quick weight loss?
    • water weight
    • sodium
    • electrolytes
    • vitamins and minerals 
    • conversion to keytones
  68. what effect does restricting cho have on the kidneys?
    reduces kidney's ability to concentrate urine --> excretion of sodium and water
  69. What does Meridia do?
    • A serotonin and norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitor which reduces appetite, enhances satiety and
    • may increase metabolic rate
  70. What are the 3 types of vitamin A?
    • Retinal
    • Retinol
    • Retinoaic acid
  71. two alternate names for vitamin D
    • calciferol
    • calcitriol
  72. other name for vitamin E
  73. other name for vitamin K
  74. other name for vitamin B1
  75. other name for Vitamin B2
  76. Other name for vitamin B3
  77. another name for vitamin B6
  78. another name for vitamin B12
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