Reproductive System

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  1. what stimulates primordial follicles to mature into primary follicles/oocytes
  2. what cells on the perimeter undergo mitotoic division to created layers of granulosa cells
    follicular cells
  3. what cells in the ovarian cycle produces estrogen
    granulosa cells
  4. what is the space around the ooctye called
  5. what is the repeating series of changes in the structure of the endometrium called
    uterine cycle
  6. what stage of the uterine cycle is also called menstruation
  7. what stage of the uterine cycle is initiated when uterine arteries constrict which reduces blood flow to endometrial tissues
  8. how much menstrual flow is lost during menses
  9. how long does menstraution last
    3-5 days
  10. what phase of the uterine cycle begins on the last day of menses and continues until ovulation
    proliferative phase
  11. what phase of the uterine cycle is the regrowth of the endometrial lining
    proliferative phase
  12. what phase of the uterine cycle begins at ovulation and ends with the first day of menses
    secretory phase
  13. what phase of the uterine cycle do endometrial glands enlarge, arteries elongate
    secretory phase
  14. what hormones timulate the endometrial growth in the secretory phase
    progestins and estrogens from corpus luteum
  15. what phase of the uterine cycle is also called the postovulatory phase and luteal phase
    secretory phase
  16. when do secretory activites peak
    12 days ofter ovulation
  17. how long does secretory phase last
    14 days
  18. what does the uterine cycle begin
  19. when does the uterine cycle cease
  20. what region of the female reproductive system encloses the external genitalia
  21. what does the vagina enter into
  22. what is the central space bordered by the labia minora caalled
  23. what female reproductive organ opens into the vestibule
  24. what female reproductive organ is anterior to the vaginal entrance
  25. what female reproductive organ is anterior to the urethral opening
  26. what female reproductive organ projects into the vestibule
  27. what female reprodutive organs secrete onto the exposed surface of the vestibule, keeping it moistened to reduce friction during intercourse
    lesser vestibular/ Bartholin's gland
  28. what are the outer limits of the vula established by
    • mons pubis
    • labia majora
  29. what female reproductive part borders the vulva superiorly and is anterior to the pubis bone padded with adipose
    mons pubis
  30. what female reproductive part is fillwed with adipose tissue and encircles and partially conceals the labia minora and vestibular structures
    labia majora
  31. what female reproductive part secretes lubricants from its sebaceous and appocrine glands
    labia major
  32. what female reproductive organ provides infant nouishment
    mammary glands
  33. what female reproductive organ is located below the center of the breast
  34. what give areola their rough texture
    large sebaceious glands in pigmented part
  35. what female reproductive part produce milk when a women is lactatating
    glandular alveoli
  36. what part of the female reproductive system provides natural support for the breasts
    suspensory ligaments
  37. what part of the female reproductive system open to the outside of the nipple
    lactiferous ducts
  38. what part of the female reproductive system pas the milk into the lactiferous duct
    alveolar glands
  39. what disorder is the premature separtation of the placenta from the uterine wall
    abruptio placentae
  40. what disorder is the failure of menarche to appear before age 16 or stop of menstraution for 6 months or more
  41. what disorder is the most common reproductive system cancer in women
    cervical cancer
  42. what disorder is the failuer of one or both teste to descend into the scrotum by the time of birth
  43. what is the surgical prodcedure in wihich the cervix is dilated and the endometrium of the uterus is scraped (D and C)
  44. what is it called when twins result from the fertilization of two different ova by two different sperm cells
    dizygotic twins
  45. what is it called when twins result from one sperm cell fertilizing one egg cell, which then splits
    monzygotic twisn
  46. what disorder is the growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus
  47. what disorder includes the symptoms of abdominal pain, bleeding, and infertility
  48. what is the surgical removal of the uterus
  49. what disorder is the inabilty to achieve or maintain an erection
  50. what disorder includes blodo flow decrease, nerve damage, drugs, emotional/psychological stress, age, diabetes mellitus
  51. what disorder is also called an erectile dysfunction
  52. what are the causes of infertility
    anatomical obstructions, hormonal imbalances, abnormal sperm count-motility-shape, chemicals, and chromosomal abnormalities
  53. what disorder is also called fibroids
  54. what disorder are bening myometrial tumors that are the most common tumors in women
  55. what is the surgical removal of part or all of a cancerous breast
  56. what is the anal discharge from a full term fetus or newborn called
  57. what is the spontaneous, natural termination of pregnancy
  58. what is the surgical removal of an ovary
  59. what is the surgical removal of a testis
  60. what is the infection of the uterus, tubes, or ovaries which may cause sterility called
    pelvic inflammatory disease
  61. what disorder includes the symptoms of hypertension, edema, increased blood clotting, headaches, visual disturbances, protein in urine, and small cerebral infarctions
  62. what can pre-eclampsia progess to
  63. what disorder involves seizures and vascular spasms which can be fatal to mother, fetus, or both
  64. what disorder are psychological changes causing appetite changes, irritability, anxiety, and mood swings
  65. what diosrder involves fuid retention, breast enlargement and tenderness, headache, joint pain, insomnia, acne flair ups, and constipation
  66. what is the most common cancer in males
    testicular cancer
  67. what disorder is the twisting of the spermatic cord resutling from rotation of the testis inside the scrotum usually occuring in children and adolescence
    testicular torsion
  68. what is the protrusion of the uterus through the vaginal orifice due to weakening supporting ligaments
    uterine prolapse
  69. what is the surgical removal and disconnection of a segment of the ducuts deferens to prevent sperm from leaving the male body
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