BIO 41 Ch 5

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  1. Describe the energy transformations that occur when you climb to the top of a stairway.
    To get to the top of the stairs, work is performed to overcome the opposing force of gravity (energy). 

    Muscles are being used to climb.  Chemical energy is being converted to kinetic energy (energy of motion).

    Once at the top of the stairs and you stop, your energy turns into potential energy.  The energy is not lost or destroyed, it is stored for later use.
  2. ____ is the capacity to perform work, while ____ is a measure of randomness.
    • Energy
    • entropy
  3. energy
    The capacity to perform work.

    Work is performed whenever an object is moved against an opposing force.
  4. kinetic energy
    Energy of motion.

    ie.  muscle movement
  5. conservation of energy
    It is not possible to destroy or create energy.  Like matter, energy can only be converted from one form to another.
  6. potential energy
    Energy that an object has because of its location or structure.  Like a rock on a mountain top has potential energy because of it's elevation or water contained behind a dam.
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