Research Final 3

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  1. Systematic variation could be due to the IV
    • this is what we test when we use F ratios
    • F = t2
    • Compares within-groups variance and between groups variance
    • if treatment has no effect, ratio = 1
  2. Systematic variation could be due to Confounds
    uncontrolled systematic variance: systematically biases the results of research
  3. Sources of variation due to chance, error, or nonsystematic variation
    • individual differences
    • transient states
    • environmental factors
    • differential treatment
    • measurement error
  4. Individual differences
    preexisting differences among participants: cognitive, social, emotional, behavioral differences
  5. Transient States
    • healthy/ill
    • tired/rested
    • happy/sad
    • enthusiastic/resentful
    • (moods, attitudes, physical condition)
  6. Environmental factors
    external noise, weather, light, ect...
  7. Differential treatment
    • experimenters' moods and health also change
    • cannot be friendlier toward some participants than others
  8. Internal validity
    the degree to which a researcher draws accurate conclusions about the effects of the IV
  9. Threats to Internal Validity
    • history
    • maturation testing/pretest sensitization
    • instrumentation
    • statistical regression
    • selection or biased assignment of p's to condition
    • differential attrition or mortality
    • selection-maturation interaction
    • diffusion or imitation of treatments
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