Research Final 4

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  1. Correlational research (non experimental design)
    • goal is to describe the strength of the relationship between two or more events or characteristics¬†
    • correlation coefficient
    • two aspects to a correlation coefficient: value &¬†design
    • scatterplots
    • where and why used (reliability, validity, prediction, theory verification)
    • problems with interpreting causation: directionality and 3rd variable
    • illusory correlation
    • factors what distory correlation coefficients
    • why and how hypothesis testing with correlation
  2. Regression (non experimental design)
    • linear regression is used to describe the relationship between who samples, used to predict one score (scores on test) from the other score (hours studied)
    • extend the findings of correlational research
    • goal is to find the equation for the line that best fits the pattern of the data
    • criterion variable
    • predictor variable
  3. Between subjects designs (experimental design)
    • completely randomized design: one-way design
    • multilevel completely randomized design
    • factorial design
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