Test 6 Josh, Judg, 1 & 2 Sam, 1 Kings pictures 10-16

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  1. Story of Rahab
    Joshua 2 and 6
  2. Recircumcision
    Joshua 5
  3. The land is holy
    Joshua 5
  4. Jericho captured
    Joshua 6
  5. Molding disciplines
    Joshua 7
  6. Destruction of Ai
    Joshua 8
  7. Gibeonite plot
    Joshua 9
  8. Southern coalition
    Joshua 10
  9. Northern coalition
    Joshua 11
  10. Conquest not complete
    Joshua 13
  11. Allotment of land
    Joshua 14-19
  12. "Choose this day whom you will serve"
    Joshua 24
  13. They shall become adversaries to you
    Judges 2
  14. Othniel routs the Mesopotamians
    Judges 3
  15. Ehud routs Moabites
    Judges 3
  16. Deborah routs Canaanites
    Judges 4
  17. History in poetic media
    Judges 5
  18. Gideon routs Midianites
    Judges 6-7
  19. "The Lord will rule over you"
    Judges 8
  20. Anti-king reaction in Israel's early history
    Judges 9
  21. Jephthah routs Ammonites
    Judges 11
  22. Samson routs Philistines
    Judges 16
  23. "In those days there was no king"
    Judges 21
  24. Hannah's prayer
    1 Samuel 2
  25. Samuel's youth
    1 Samuel 3
  26. Overconfidence in the Ark
    1 Samuel 4
  27. The cry for a king
    1 Samuel 8
  28. Divided opinions over kingship
    1 Samuel 8
  29. Saul made king over Israel
    1 Samuel 11
  30. King and nation to follow God
    1 Samuel 12
  31. No smith in Israel
    1 Samuel 13
  32. First anointing of David
    1 Samuel 16
  33. Saul's jealousy
    1 Samuel 18
  34. David eats holy bread
    1 Samuel 21
  35. Death of Saul
    1 Samuel 31
  36. David laments over Saul
    2 Samuel 1
  37. David anointed king over Judah
    2 Samuel 2
  38. Evidence of ill feelings between North and South
    2 Samuel 2
  39. Joab's blood guilt
    2 Samuel 3
  40. Abner's death
    2 Samuel 3
  41. David king over united Israel
    2 Samuel 5
  42. Jerusalem made the capital
    2 Samuel 5
  43. Ark brought to Jerusalem
    2 Samuel 6
  44. Eternal promise made to David
    2 Samuel 7
  45. David's reign one of justice and equity
    2 Samuel 8
  46. Seed of trouble - Bathsheba
    2 Samuel 11
  47. Nathan's rebuke
    2 Samuel 12
  48. Seeds of trouble - Absalom
    2 Samuel 15
  49. Solomon anointed
    1 Kings 1
  50. Marriage alliance
    1 Kings 3
  51. Great boundaries of Solomon's kingdom
    1 Kings 4
  52. Forced labor under Solomon
    1 Kings 5
  53. Solomon builds the temple
    1 Kings 6-7
  54. The temple is dedicated
    1 Kings 8
  55. Solomon's many women
    1 Kings 11
  56. Jeroboam
    1Kings 11
  57. Rehoboam
    1 Kings 12
  58. Israel revolts
    1 Kings 12
  59. 10 The Conquest
    Masses emerging from desert
    Israel comes to conquer
  60. 10 The Conquest
    Great sword east of Jordan
    Kingdoms of Sihon and Og are crushed
  61. 10 The Conquest
    Dual swords west of Jordan
    Jericho and Ai crumble
  62. 10 The Conquest
    Sword attached to five crowns
    Southern coalition is defeated
  63. 10 The Conquest
    Single sword at base of Sea of Galilee
    Northern coalition is routed
  64. 10 The Conquest
    Figure on rock ledge
    Israel stands master of Canaan, and Joshua urges continued loyalty to true God
  65. 10 The Conquest
    Red tinges on western seacoast
    Some western fortifications are untaken and loom as a threat to Israel's destiny
  66. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Vacant throne, unclaimed crown, and robe
    Israel, during the period of the judges, was a loosely organized confederacy without king or central government
  67. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Disheveled figure on bottom right
    Personification of Israel's political enemies during period of the judges.
  68. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Figure holds stone axe
    Israel's enemies during the period of the judges were the small powers of the immediate locale
  69. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Figure with ripped tunic and broken axe handle in hand
    These small powers, who had attacked the Israelites and subjected them to bondage for brief periods, were defeated under rallies led by the judges
  70. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Six figures in center of picture
    The six major judges of Israel
  71. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Judge with raised arm
    Othniel delivered Israel from the Mesopotamian oppression
  72. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Judge with sword in hand
    Ehud delivered Israel from the Moabite attack — sword symbolic of gift given to King Eglon
  73. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Judge with tent spike in hand
    Deborah won victory over the Canaanites — tent spike associated with Sisera's death
  74. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Judge with lamp and trumpet in hand
    Gideon carried out psychological warfare against the Midianites with trumpets and lamps
  75. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Judge with manuscript in hand
    Jephthah defeated the Ammonites and in the process made rash vows
  76. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Judge with jawbone in hand
    Samson defeated the Philistines
  77. 12 The Philistine Menace
    Massive army posed in background
    Israel was threatened by a major power, Philistia.
  78. 12 The Philistine Menace
    Warriors with iron weapons
    Philistia was a well-organised military power and, as such, was substantially different from Israel's former enemies.
  79. 12 The Philistine Menace
    Gloating king and arrogant warrior standing over object
    Philistia captures Israel's most prized possession-the Ark of the Covenant
  80. 12 The Philistine Menace
    Figure in the foreground with tears in eyes
    The loss of the Ark created the feeling among many in Israel that their plight was hopeless
  81. 12 The Philistine Menace
    Figure in the foreground clasping cloak of weeping man
    Others in Israel saw a resolution of their crisis in a change of governing procedures
  82. 12 The Philistine Menace
    Vision of throne occupied by a king
    Israel's humiliation by the Philistines led to the conception of a central government ruled by a king
  83. 13 The United Kingdom
    Banner entwines itself around and through crowns
    The twelve tribes are united under kings
  84. 13 The United Kingdom
    Inscriptions on banner
    Symbols of the twelve tribes
  85. 13 The United Kingdom
    Pillars rising from throne base to heavens
    The idea persisted that kings should be established by divine commission rather than by blood succession
  86. 13 The United Kingdom
    Crown on far left
    The reign of Saul
  87. 13 The United Kingdom
    Saul's crown is dark
    Kingship of Saul met violent opposition
  88. 13 The United Kingdom
    Crown in center
    The reign of David
  89. 13 The United Kingdom
    Star of David, mace of leadership, and light over David's crown
    David's reign was the great golden age of Israel's history, and a focal point for revisionist dreams in the New Testament era
  90. 13 The United Kingdom
    Three diamonds and one dark pearl on David's crown
    David's reign was accompanied by four major events
  91. 13 The United Kingdom
    First diamond
    Jerusalem was made capital city of Israel
  92. 13 The United Kingdom
    Second diamond
    Philistine menace and other political threats were obliterated
  93. 13 The United Kingdom
    Third diamond
    Jerusalem was established as ecclesiastical headquarters of the new state
  94. 13 The United Kingdom
    Dark pearl
    Disunity in the United Kingdom began as a result of David's sin with Bathsheba
  95. 13 The United Kingdom
    Third crown on far right
    The reign of Solomon
  96. 13 The United Kingdom
    Yoke attached to third crown
    Solomon's expansionist policies led to heavy tax loads which incited a rebellion within the United Kingdom
  97. 14 Recalling a destiny
    Figure in red robe
    The prophet
  98. 14 Recalling a destiny
    Second figure
  99. 14 Recalling a destiny
    Darkening sky in background
    The prophet spoke to Israel during the age of decline-from the period of the monarchy under Solomon through the Babylonian captivity in 586 B.C.
  100. 14 Recalling a destiny
    Eyes of Israel centred on the words I WILL BLESS YOU
    During the age of decline, Israel felt secure in the promises of God
  101. 14 Recalling a destiny
    Fragments of torn manuscript spread on the ground
    Israel paid little attention to its responsibility to be a blessing.
  102. 14 Recalling a destiny
    Israel clasps mortar bowl and pestles to bosom
    Israel's institutions and traditions had become ends in themselves
  103. 14 Recalling a destiny
    Tent of the tabernacle symbol
    Israel made the temple a reason for false security
  104. 14 Recalling a destiny
    Law symbol in mortar bowl
    Israel made the law a stumbling block to justice
  105. 14 Recalling a destiny
    Separation symbol in mortar bowl
    Israel turned separation into a curse
  106. 14 Recalling a destiny
    Circumcision symbol in mortar bowl
    Israel made circumcision a fetish
  107. 14 Recalling a destiny
    Mirror symbol in mortar bowl
    Israel put the Holy Land to unholy use
  108. 14 Recalling a destiny
    Yoke symbol in mortar bowl
    Israel glorified in its past at the expense of its place in the present and the future
  109. 14 Recalling a destiny
    Prophet holds fragments of torn manuscript before Israel's eyes
    The prophet recalled Israel to a realization of its destiny, to be a blessing
  110. 15 The Crumbling North
    Dark section of crumbling earth (upper center)
    • Age of civil strife
    • Kings: Jeroboam I, Nadab, Baasha, Elah, Zimri, Omri, and Ahab
  111. 15 The Crumbling North
    Golden section of crumbling earth (centre)
    • Age of wealth and prosperity.
    • Kings: Ahaziah, Jehoram, Jehu, Jehoahaz, Jehoash, and Jeroboam II.
  112. 15 The Crumbling North
    Orange and red section of crumbling earth (bottom)
    • Age of rapid decline.
    • Kings: Zechariah, Shallum, Menahem, Pekahiah, Pekah, and Hoshea.
  113. 15 The Crumbling North
    Golden calf on Jeroboam segment
    King Jeroboam establishes religious shrines at Dan and Bethel in an attempt to de-emphasize Jerusalem as worship center
  114. 15 The Crumbling North
    Volcano on Omri segment
    Syria threatens Israel's freedom in reigns from Baasha through Omri
  115. 15 The Crumbling North
    Snake symbol on Ahab segment
    Baalism cult gains solid foothold in Israel during Ahab's reign
  116. 15 The Crumbling North
    Elijah and Elisha banners on Ahab segment
    These prophets denounce Israel's identification with Baalism cult
  117. 15 The Crumbling North
    Prophet banners black and white
    Prophetic voices make pronouncements of doom and hope
  118. 15 The Crumbling North
    Amos and Hosea banners on Jeroboam II segment
    These prophets warn against impending dangers of spiritual laxness in Israel during Jeroboam's age of gold
  119. 15 The Crumbling North
    Erupting volcano on Menahem segment
    Assyria becomes a violent threat to Israel's freedom during the reign of Menahem
  120. 15 The Crumbling North
    Two coins at base of volcano
    Israel is forced to pay tribute money to Assyria to maintain semblance of peace
  121. 15 The Crumbling North
    Manuscript peg on Pekah segment
    Pekah seeks freedom from Assyrian threat by entering into military alliance with Syria to the north
  122. 15 The Crumbling North
    Isaiah banner on Pekah segment
    Isaiah cites futility of military alliances and prophesies destruction of the Northern Kingdom
  123. 15 The Crumbling North
    Manuscript peg on Hoshea segment
    Hoshea attempts military alliance with Egypt to rid Israel of Assyrian threat
  124. 15 The Crumbling North
    Dark red colour on Hoshea segment
    Full-scale destruction comes to the North during Hoshea's reign
  125. 15 The Crumbling North
    Overall portrayal of crumbling kingdom
    Assyria destroys Northern Kingdom in 722 B.C.
  126. 16 The Crumbling South
    1. The period of civil strife
    Rehoboam, Abijah, Asa, and Jehoshaphat
  127. 16 The Crumbling South
    2. The period of Baalism
    Jehoram, Ahaziah and Queen Athaliah
  128. 16 The Crumbling South
    3.The Golden age of the South
    Joash, Amaziah, Uzziah, and Jotham
  129. 16 The Crumbling South
    4.The period of decline
    Ahaz, Hezekiah, Manasseh, and Amon
  130. 16 The Crumbling South
    5. The age of reform
  131. 16 The Crumbling South
    6. The period of destruction
    Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah
  132. 16 The Crumbling South
    Volcano on Rehoboam segment
    Egypt becomes political threat to the South during Rehoboam's reign
  133. 16 The Crumbling South
    Peace flag on Jehoshaphat segment
    Civil war between North and South ends under Jehoshaphat's rule.
  134. 16 The Crumbling South
    Wedding ring at base of peace flag
    Peace is brought about by marriage between Northern and Southern royalty
  135. 16 The Crumbling South
    Smudge on wedding ring
    Marriage is instrumental in bringing Baalism to the South
  136. 16 The Crumbling South
    Snake on Jehoram, Ahaziah and Athaliah segments
    Baalism characterises era in which these three monarch reign
  137. 16 The Crumbling South
    Golden colour of Uzziah segment
    Period of wealth and prosperity reaches height under Uzziah's rule
  138. 16 The Crumbling South
    Isaiah and Micah banners on Uzziah segment
    These prophets speak to historical circumstances from age of Uzziah through age of Hezekiah
  139. 16 The Crumbling South
    Manuscript peg on Ahaz segment
    Ahaz forms alliance with Assyria to ward off threats from Syria and north Israel
  140. 16 The Crumbling South
    Coins on Ahaz segment
    Alliance with Assyria ends in Judah becoming vassal of Assyria
  141. 16 The Crumbling South
    Three volcanoes on Hezekiah segment
    Judah seeks freedom from Assyrian bondage and entertains hopes for military alliances with Egypt and Babylon
  142. 16 The Crumbling South
    Volcano on Josiah segment
    Babylon replaces Assyria as major world power
  143. 16 The Crumbling South
    Prophet banner on Josiah segment
    Jeremiah speaks to historical circumstances from era of Josiah through period of exile
  144. 16 The Crumbling South
    "E" coin on Jehoiakim segment
    Judah becomes vassal of Egypt
  145. 16 The Crumbling South
    "B" coin on Jehoiakim sement
    In battle of Carchemish, Babylon defeats Egypt, and Judah becomes a vassal of Babylon
  146. 16 The Crumbling South
    Battered sword on Jehoiachin segment
    Jehoiachin surrenders to Babylon after a revolt led by his father. The king and important subjects are carried off in the first exile (597 B.C.)
  147. 16 The Crumbling South
    Deep red colour on Zedekiah segment
    Final captivity takes place in 586 B.C. when Zedekiah revolts
  148. 16 The Crumbling South
    Great hands crush the kingdom
    Southern Kingdom is destroyed by Babylonian hordes
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