Bio 3000 - Transcription in Eukaryotes

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  1. In what way is Eukaryotic Transcription more complex than Bacteria?
    More Initiation Factors.
  2. What is the Eukaryote Aminoacyl tRNA?
  3. Do eukaryotes have Shine-Delgarno sequences?
  4. What is required for binding of the small (40s) subunit?
    • Initiation Factors
    • Met-tRNAimet
    • GTP
  5. What is the Scanning Model in Eukaryotic Translation?
    When the 40s subunit "scans" the mRNA for a "start" codon.
  6. What makes a good start codon?
    • Optimal Sequence
    •  5'- ACCAUGG -3'
    •  Purine at -3
    •  Guanine at +4
  7. What does the +1 position lie in an optimal start sequence?
    • On the bolded A in,
    •  5' ACCAUGG -3'
    •  (First base in the traditional AUG start)
  8. What are Kozak's rules?
    • Rules defining an optimal start codon.
    •  Optimal Sequence
    •   ACCAUGG
    •   Purine at -3
    •   G at +4
  9. What are the Two main eukaryote inition factors?
    • eIF2
    • eIF4F
  10. What is the structure of eIF2?
    Three subunits; α, β, γ.
  11. What is the structure of eIF4F?
    • Composed of other initiation factors
    •  eIF4A
    •  eIF4G
    •  eIF4E
  12. What is the role of eIF2?
    • To bring initiator met-tRNAimet to the 40S subunit.
    • Uses GTP
  13. What is the role of GTP in initiation?
    To aid eIF2 in bringing the first tRNA
  14. What is the CAP-Binding complex?
    • Essentially eIF4F
    •  The combined eIF4A, eIF4G and eIF4E subunits.
  15. What is the role of the CAP binding complex?
    Binding the mRNA
  16. What is the effect of Phosphorylating eIF2 (α subunit)?
    It binds tightly to eIF28, preventing further initiation.
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