Computer Graphics Part 2 (Object Representations)

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  1. What is the problem in CG object representation?
    What is the demand/need?
    • Real world is continuous and infinte
    • Computers represent things desicretely and resources are finite
    • need compact object representations that allows -> 1. quick loading 2. quick rendering
    • (Demand for continuous smooth surfaces that are easy to control)
  2. Object representation approaches (list all 3)
    • Parametric surfaces
    • Metaballs
    • Mesh structures (Polygon format, triangle strip, triangle fans; Quad mesh)
  3. Disadvantages (2) of increasing the degree of a parametric curve / explain alternative way/solution?
    • 1. Not easy to control
    • 2. Requires more computation

    solution: concatenate, which means subdividing curves into sections (each of which has its own low order/degree parametric equation)
  4. Problem with parametric curves?
    Difficult to render objects that have a dynamically changing topology, i.e. blobby objects like liquid, clay etc.

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