MACS 110 - FEB 26

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  1. Who is Canadian? (lists people)
    All of the above
  2. Albert Bandura
    • - took first psychology course at UBC to kill time in the morning. Was a catalyst which rocketed him into his career
    • - originally studied medicine
  3. Info Processing Theory
    - things that we see and do that don't register in our minds because of all the distractions of the world around us

    - example: documentary filmmaker introducing emptiness into the movie as to not overwhelm them

    • - Novelty, Understanding, Pleasure
    •    pleasure of the new
    •    pleasure of achieving higher levels of understanding
    •    tiredness, boredom with the text because after so many viewings, we know it well
  4. Critical Cultural Theories
    • - theories that openly criticize society, usually from a left wing perspective
    • - take the side of the oppressed (gay, lesbian rights, feminism, environment, the poor)
  5. Ritual Model
    looks at how we experience and contribute to the culture that surrounds, like water surrounds a fish
  6. Karl Marx
    - talked about the base and superstructure

    • - people with power and money have a strong influence on a society's culture
    •      - authorities reinforce obedience and         conformity through education, interview process, on-the-job controls
  7. Political Economy of Communication
    - focuses on economic base conditions of productions for the media

    - concentration of media ownership

    - how media professionals reflect the dominant ideology
  8. What do the sender and message focus on
    political economy of communication
  9. What do the message and receiver focus on
    cultural studies
  10. Harold Innis
    - taught political economy at U of T

    - died in the early 1950's

    - from small town ontario

    - published "The Bias of Communication"  and "Empire of Communication"
  11. Time Based Societies
    • Tribal Societies
    • - focus on preserving the knowledge over time because dominant means of communication limit control over space
    • - first nations people
  12. Space-Based Societies
    - The have communication technologies that enable empire-building (control of vast distributions)

    - Canada
  13. Why did we watch the clip from Annie Hall
    • because marshall McLuhan is in it
    • - he said "all my thought - a mere footnote to Innis"
    • -also taught at U of T - English
  14. What does Julia T Wood say the potential careers in communication are?
    All of the above
  15. Which did Karl Marx say?
    the economic base determines the cultural superstructure
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